Sunday, April 30, 2006

Three Things I miss About Japan


First and most I miss my lovely fiance.

I still don't have my own Papero... but someday I will probably get one to replace the family dog.

Second, I miss all the robots. Even though I didn't 'technically' see any robots while I was in Japan, I still miss them all the same.

They do have soft Ice Cream!!!

Third, but not lastly, I miss Japanese food. McDonalds just taste better in Japan. Anyway, I don't miss it so much as I miss the leisurely walks to get some soft ice cream on a hot and humid Japan day. But I miss all Japanese food... especiall from Hokka Hokkate (Hokkaben rules!) But I also miss cheap sushi, expensive Izakaiyas, and all the excellent places to eat! Oh where is the Ajisen Ramen when you need it?


Anonymous said...

simple and sweet blog - cool gadget!

Tristan Vick said...

It's a robot. A ROBOT! A gadget is an iPod. This is a r-o-b-o-t. An iPod would never try to take over the earth (althoug there was that one scene in that one movie) but besides that. Robots are notorious for time travel and an afinity to 'destroy all humans'.

And that's exactly what I want in my loving warm household! Yippy! Family picnicks will never be boring again!

Anonymous said...

yes, obviously it's a robot, pardon the term I used.

Tristan Vick said...

You are pardoned! But don't worry... I was not offended. But the 'human killing robot' well... you might want to sleep with one eye open. (Just in case).

TampicomX [.tk] said...

You're so afortunate, because you have a wonderfull and pretty japanese girlfriend...
this it's my biggest dream in the world...
ah! nice blog! I traslate a post, I hope do you don't say than I'm robbing your ideas... ^-^

Bye the way... do you don't have a nice and cute japanese girl who like to be a girlfriend of a Mexican boy?
See you Next Time!