Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Strange World of Japan

Giant Kokeshi doll Hello Kitty?

Kokeshi dolls are a traditional Japanese doll, are typically only 6 inches tall, and hand carved and painted from wood. Does this seem strange to anyone else?

And next we have ENGRISH! Also known as those funny English sayings that are close but not really.

Me I feel also no so good. Yup. It's true too.

Poopular? I would hate to be whatever this means.

Smelly Smell that smells? I think maybe we need to take a deep smell and start over.

SKIRTS oh how we love thee!

skirts! How can we not love them? Thank you Japan!

Engrish is fun, because it shows the Japanese love of language, but not so much their love of grammar. Hey, everybody makes mistakes! No problem.

The philosophy of 'Engrish' perhaps? This is another standard all together. For more funny English words and phrases gone amuck, check out the hilarity over at

AV Idols, but more importantly, AV Idols which wear funny Enrish! How adorable!

That's woman is a virgin? Could have fooled me.

Fractions! You need to know how to do them if you plan on drinking any orange juice in japan.

Qoo Orengi! I miss my 30% orange juice. Japan is still the only country I know that serves you orange juice by the percentage. What a wonderfully weird country!


Anonymous said...

Delightfully light to read and funny... the bad grammar is cute =)

Tristan Vick said...

Yeah, the Japanese usage of English never ceases to entertain native speakers and those who are more fluent.

It's interesting to note that sometimes the sayings and grammar is ignored entirely, because the Japanese like the "sound" of the words -and the meaning is ignored entirely. However, English speakers will read the shirt and automatically try to process it as a sentence... which makes for odd situations and funny sayings.

Shannon said...

I love Engrish! Are you in Japan?

Tristan Vick said...

I'll be in Japan at the end of July for the JET orientation! Will you be around? I hope we can get together and chill.