Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sayaka's Montana Adventure!

Sayaka eats American Taco Pizza!

In February (2006) Sayaka came to visit my family! Since my Birthday was just around the corner, we went all out and ordered three large pizzas from my favorite pizza place. We also ate cake and ice cream! (You can't find pizza like this in Japan. This 20 inch (50cm) pizza cost $12 dollar (1,200 yen). In Japan, pizza is really expensive, so when Sayaka comes to America we eat lots of pizza!

Red velvet cake & ice cream! Delicious!

My favorite cake is Red Velvet cake. It's a very soft chocolate cake with a buttery cream frosting. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

Sayaka eats ice cream and plays with Rome (small stupid dog)

Whenever my family gets together, it seems more like a pet reunion than a family renunion. All the animals like to play with each other, and Sayaka and I both like dogs.

Sayaka plays with Hani (small stupid dog number 2)

Sayaka had to say hello to Hani too. There are three dogs, Snoopy, Hani, and Rome. Also one cat named China. Sayaka had lots of fun playing with all the pets. That's the nice thing about living in Montana, there is lots of room, and you can have as many pets as you want!

Sayaka drives my car

Sayaka loves to drive, and so I let her practice driving in my car. Don't worry, we weren't on any city roads. We took the safe farm-land private dirt roads to go practice driving on. It was a lot of fun!

Sayaka and my cousin Gordon

Sayaka thinks my cousin is tall. Sayaka is tall for a Japanese woman, as she is 172 centimeters (5'8") tall. So can you guess how tall Gordon is? Real tall!

Everyone says "Goodbye" to Sayaka (My mom is in the black shirt on the right.)

My uncle, aunt, cousins, brother, father, mother, and grandma all said goodbye to Sayaka. She was only able to stay a week with us, but even so, it was a very special week. We all love Sayaka! I especially love her, after all, that's why I am marrying her!

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Lady Hope said...

Now, my mouth is watering….
Ha ha ha ha

I'm crazy about Pizza……OHHHH PIZZA!
And that Red Velvet Cake is is is AAAHHHH

I don't think that Sayaka is too worry about getting extra weight!!!!
She is so slim and graceful!!!

But I'm totally surprised of her tall for Japanese woman….
I think Gordon is around 1.97 or something….

Your MaMa is so CUTE!!