Monday, April 10, 2006

The Philosophy of Me

Life in Motion

I am a Christian, I am A Muslim, I am a Scientist, I am a Philosopher, I am a believer, I am a non-believer. I see the world in color. I see the world in black and white. I see all the gray in-between. I am bitter, I am sweet, I am bittersweet and sweet and sour. I have a sophisticated opinion, I have no opinion, when I have an opinion I’ll let you know. I am educated, I am bold, I am humble, I am international, I am local, I am a foreigner, and I belong. The world is my community. I am a lover, I am a religious man, I am a politician, I love my faith, but I hate religious and state corruption. I am an Anarchist at the top of a universal chain of hierarchy. I seek to govern myself. I am my own guide. I am both right and wrong. I am a Democrat, I am a Republican, I am a Communist, I am a Socialist. I am decisive and assertive but I can’t make up my mind. Light and darkness are my bread, although, I only prefer white bread. The stupid, the smart, the cowardly, and the brave: I am them all. I am a priest, I am a poet, I am a Buddhist seeking satisfaction. I am rich, I am poor, I belong to the middle class. I have no class, no style but I set the trend. I believe in God. I don’t believe in any God. I am an Atheist, I am a tyrant, I am a hero, I am no one yet I am everyone, and I am me. I belong to an idea, I support an ideal, I live to find out why I am, I’m here because I live, I have ideas and I do think. I am a listener, I am a rebel without a cause, I am a follower, I am a leader. I have many beliefs but I don’t define myself by my beliefs. My actions are my words. I have a purpose, I have reason, I am a prophet and I say there is no such thing as prophecy.

Retrospect is necessary in anyone's journey toward self discovery and understanding.

I am classy, I am crude, I am cunning, I am clueless. I am the rural countryside, I am the urban city, I walk beneath the same blue sky as you. The cool smell of freshly cut grass soothes me while the smell of black asphalt on a hot day warms me. There is but one truth, and I let truth define me. I am beautiful, I am ugly, I am in-between. I like Mexican food, I like Italian cuisine, I enjoy Japanese sushi, I can’t say no to a juicy American Cheeseburger, Chinese food is great on a Saturday night, Indian curry makes my mouth water, and I’m always looking for the next delectable taste. I prefer Coke, I prefer Pepsi, I love coffee, I drink only juice. I sing, I dance, I laugh, I cry, I bleed when I get hurt and I heal. My skin is black, my skin is white, my skin is tan and pink. My eyes are blue, my eyes are brown, my eyes are green, my eyes are a rainbow. I am young, I am old, I am aged and wise, I am adolescent and juvenile, I am mature but I think like a child and am better off for it. I am a sinner, I am a saint, I have a guardian angel, I believe in righteousness and chivalry. Over zealous people bug me but sometimes I think I need to be more of a zealot. I believe in manners and etiquette, I have no manners, I am constantly working on my propriety. I vote for my President, I vote for my favorite idol, I am a celebrity, I wish to be famous, I don’t want fame or fortune. My skin is wrinkled, my skin is smooth, my breasts are firm and round, my breasts are droopy, my penis is small and sometimes large. I am outgoing, I am a recluse, an extrovert and introvert, I am sideways and under, but some days I come out on top. I am quirky, I am plain, I am tall, I am short, I like going to the theater but sometimes I prefer Broadway. I love listening to rock and roll and sweet melodies of Jazz.

Reflecting on today helps us better understand tomorrow.

I am punk rock, I am grunge, I tear down all walls of perception around me, I am a visionary, I have many visions, I have only one vision. I am a terrorist, I am a freedom fighter, I enjoy my freedom but I often think more people need to be free. I am a psychologist who doesn’t know himself yet knows everyone else intimately. I love women, I love men, I love both women and men. I am Shakespeare, I have emotion, emotion guides me, I guide my emotion, I am a fluid steady flowing river, I am an impenetrable mountain fortress. I listen to my heart, my soul feels, my mind speaks volumes. I overslept, I slept too little, I am a musician, I am a magician like Merlin and Gandalf, like them all I am a scholar. I live a fantasy, I am rooted in reality, I make the best decisions that I can. I am a soldier, I am a milk-man, I am an everyday man. I am a pervert, I am a moralist, I am a theologist, I am a theorist, but I don’t believe in any one theory. I am angry, I am at peace, I am turmoil and chaos, I am solace and rationality. I am conscious, I have a conscience, I hate evil and love goodness. I am vast and contain multitudes, I am everywhere and everything. I am an American, I am a father, I am a mother, I am a family and I am a citizen of the world. I am for the planet, I am an environmentalist, an evolutionist, I am a naturalist, I am a Taoist, I see the whole picture, I am an artist, I painted the universe. I am a nostalgic photograph, I am a memory, I am a muse. I am a bard, I am a liar, I never lie. Yes, sometimes I lie. Someday I will die, but today I live, and tomorrow will be whatever I make it to be. It all depends on my attitude or my mood.

And when tomorrow comes, I will be all these things, beyond this, I am always changing. For better or for worse I am forever shifting, awakening, and realizing what I can be and what I can’t. I am thankful, I am lucky; I sometimes tend to feel unlucky. I’m a cat person, I’m a dog person, I own a pet bird, pig, and fish. I am a friend, I am a relative, and I have many friends and relatives. I sometimes question who I am, but I know; deep down inside I truly know that I am who I am. I just want you to know that you can be whatever you want to be! There’s nothing to worry about, because all you have to do is believe.

By Pika!
April 10, 2006

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