Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Little Angel

Little Sayaka!

Tonight I have been messing around with the new Picasa2 Program trying to get it formatted so it matched my original template. So far, the older Pisca is more customizable, but this new one can do cool things like make this collage with one click of the button. If I can't figure it out I'm going back to my old version, but I won't give up just yet.


Lady Hope said...


She is really adorable little angel!!

How Sweet!

So Buddy, where is your own photo?

You Know, Your photos when you were little baby boy…a little angel too!
I want to see your photo when you are little child, OK.

I love to see people's childhood memories and photos…so cute.

Tristan Vick said...

I posted some pics of my brother an I as a child a couple months back. Here's the link:

Lady Hope said...

Your previous posts are really COOL
Wonderful Pics of Places and Japan Landscapes!
Also the place where you lived in Japan and your mates…

Really Nice!

I have to dig in these posts.