Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Japanese Atmosphere


I thought a close up of one of the castle walls gave an artistic beauty to what is an ancient defense mechanism. The aged look gives us an awareness to the ancient part of Japanese history which makes Japan so fun.

Shinto walkway

A rainy way. A gateway to a Shinto temple. The atmosphere was pleasant, cool, contemplative. Attending Shinto ceremonies is interesting.


A castle centurian look out postion. Kumamoto castle is the highest part of town and you can seen in all four directions as far as the eye can see. This ensures a gaze which spans across the maze-like city, and is another fine example of the great thought put into ever aspect of Japanese architecture. It's always beautiful, but designed with purpose and meaning. There are many great moments of "atmosphere" in Japan. Moments which we would equate with being moments of reflection. These moments are particularly necessary when learning to embrace a new culture.

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