Monday, March 13, 2006

Man's Fantasy Island!

Man's Fantasy Island (also known as Japan)

Quite often in Japan there is exploitation of women. More often than not it is of young women.

I get mad when I hear this type of news, and I'm sure women everywhere will be awe-struck at exactly what goes on each and every day in Japan.

From Yahoo News:

TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese Buddhist priest who was arrested on suspicion of having paid sex with a teenage girl said he was under stress and had given in to lust. Itsushi Ehara, 73, chief priest at a temple in the western Japanese prefecture of Hiroshima and also head of a nursery school, paid the 15-year-old girl 80,000 yen ($675) to have sex in a hotel in downtown Tokyo, a police spokesman said on Friday.

"I could not resist my lust. A lot of stress built up from running the school," Ehara was quoted by Kyodo news agency as telling police.

Ehara, who is believed to have met the girl through a prostitute-dispatch service, is also suspected of having paid for sex with several other teenage girls over a period of two to three years, Kyodo quoted police as saying.

Japan has long had a relatively lax attitude toward sexual exploitation of young people. Teenage prostitution -- known as "compensated dating" -- was outlawed in 1999, but it still goes on, though less openly than before.

This gender inequality just shows that Japanese women need to get there act together. Older generations of women sit by and watch on appathetically as corrupt Japanese men, so enfatuated with the sick customs they have established, that I don't know what to do. Is anyone really at fault? Is it those specific Japanese men who nurture an economy which cators to their sexual appetites, or the women who go along with it because they are so repressed they don't know what to do with themselves fault? I hardly think that placing the blame for the actions of one pervert is fair, but maybe sitting back and doing nothing about it isn't right either.

May I remind you that not all Japanese men (or men in general) are this perverted, but in Japan the overall acceptance for violence and sexual crimes against women are often glanced over as merely what is, is. Those who are in the category that it's okay to blatantly repress and restrict a woman's rights and privilages have definately created a "man's fantasy island" for themselves to enjoy. They have regulated very precisely the exact amount of repression needed to make women submit to their wild sexual fantasies. This is something I don't agree with and I don't think any woman should have to either. Yet this type of abuse against women isn't anything new, as the news points out, it has gone on long before this particular case, and it will continue as long as people idlely sit by and let it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, don't even get me started, it enrages me to hear something like that, especially because I lived it personally. As a women, as much as yout try to stand up for yourself, its a constant uphill battle because Men are determined that is the way it should be because it's been that way for such a long time. It truly cost me my relationship, and he was so set in his ways, that he went on a found someone who was ok with all that. But I'm so glad your shedding light on this and speaking up for our gender... Thank you!! May dignity and fair treatment always previal :=).

Lady Hope said...

My Analyzes:

First: the people of Japan (and many other countries) need to solve such a cases like that boldly and powerfully by putting strong instructions and laws to prevent out-of-law people.

Second: The family role, How come that a teenager girl went to that suspicious places without knowing of her family. The real parents must protect and educate their kids frankly about what it looks like out there (the possible dangers) and build a trusted relation with the kids to prevent any abuse from anyone without their knowledge.
"Can you Trust Your Teenager Daughter to Go Alone or With Group To Japan Or Any Remote Places? That's Depend On your Trusted Relation and The Way You Raised your Daughter on".

I don't know why you didn't talk about your country? It could be worst things happening there. Don't you think!!?

I believe that all these terrible stuff came with the openly life that most of Japanese got (many countries suffering with this problem too)… which causes adopting of nasty manners and lacking of good manners as well……Besides, strangers and secret businesses which encouraging nasty and immoral things among people wilily.

Finally, I Hope… I Really Hope…

Instead of attacking and offending all people, you can try to put your ideas or thoughts to solve the cases you talk about each time…just Try to put what you think can help solve or prevent the bad behaviors.

It is more useful to help solving problems lovingly, instead of hurting and scolding without positive steps.

********* ********* *********
"Few Years Ago, I met up with lovely American guy and he gave me good impression about Americans… The Real Honest and Respectable Men, So I can trust Americans who like Nicolas… and I'm Sure that there are many of Nicolas everywhere in this wide world"

Oh, Hi Nicolas :)

Lady Hope said...

By the way, I have many friends from different places and different religions, for that I don't judge the whole by acts of some. Get it!

Tristan Vick said...

These are all interesting points. Japan has had over 5,000 years of history. Yet, women in general have had to suffer patriarcal dominance for so many years without hope that it would ever change for the better. Only after the MacArthur occupation did any reforms and laws ensuring equal treatment of all peoples come about. It is because of America that Japanese women have the freedoms they do today.

Now Japan's strong sense of Imperialism threatens women's future even more. Such as the recent article which seeks to reform laws that state a woman should not be allowed to be heir to the throne of the imperial family. It's sometimes hard to think that Japanese are living in the 26th century with all the gender inequality, but at the same time the women approach their hardship in an entrirely differen manner not accustomed to westerners.

Yet as a firm supporter of Japanese women's liberation and rights, I have written many articles which bring awareness to the ever pending threat of inequality. It's one thing to say you love Japan but never do anything out of love to help them. It's another thing to act, because actions speak louder than words.

Tristan Vick said...

It's interesting the amount of Japanophiles that have come about in recent times. There are so many people without a working knowledge of Japan, and my Blog, hopefully will give a deeper insight to those who don't just want the cotton candy and gloss of Japan. I don't focus on the bad, but Japan is no Utopia. I am just sharing my experiences, and what I know, and I use real references to do it. I'm merely giving the real potrail of how Japan is. Now how certain Japanophiles wish to imagine it.