Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Japanese Festivals, Technology, and More Perverts?


Panasonic has created a new MP3 player to compete with the iPod craze currently sweeping the world. Now all the major electronic companies have chimed in with their version of the popular digital music players. Panasonics new D-Snap series looks hot! Here's Panasonic's official link for the D-Snap:

In other news the folks over at Kineda Blog have posted some interesting news about a new train simulation which allows for horny business men to go take a ride on the train an allow for "legal" groping of the women passengers.

"The record number of women groped on Tokyo’s trains continues to rise. As the suburban trains are usually crowded, bringing the workers to large cities and back to their suburban homes, close physical contact is unavoidable. Many men use this to their advantage, pressing onto women and groping them. The groping problem is so extreme that Tokyo started a campaign of women-only carriages."

The answer to this is stunning rise of perversion is to create "Train Cafe." A train simulation/cafe where people can go to be groped; what? Does this at all sound like something only the Japanese could come up with to you? One distraught citizen was quoted as saying, "This sounds like another poor excuse to make prostitution legal," while another citizen chimed in, "Sounds like it to me. What normal girl would stop by a place like this after work just to be groped!?"

"Chikan chuui" Beware of Perverts (funny T-shirt from
For more information on "women only" train cars in Japan you can read this article by clicking here: Please don't grope.

The private train which is an attraction at Tokyo's Ikebukuro station cost 5,000 yen ($45 American) for a 20 minute ride with all you can grope buffet. The business guarantees that it is not prostitution, but rather a place to go for singles to flirt and meet. And also, apparently, a way to sponsor the continued rise of perverts in Japan.

Japan always seems to have two faces. Just like the Japanese language 日本語 (nihon-go), which uses tatemae 建て前 (hidden/implied meaning) and hone 本音 (real/straight forward meaning), Japanese society also seems to practice this type of two faced mannerisms also. I always find it interesting, because Japan overall is a wonderful country full of intelligent people. This time of year marks the beginning of the Hanami season (typically around late March), otherwise known as flower festivals. All the sakura (cherry blossoms) bloom and quickly fade away. People picnic and entire companies have after work luncheons in the park. It's a wonderful time to celebrate the coming of spring. This is one of my favorite aspects of Japan, the festival.

Japanese have festivities for many different events, and each are a unique celebration of Japan and its heritage. My most memorable times in Japan all center around festival events. The entire country breaks into celebration, and everyone's bottled up frustration is released as they go all out in these wonderful times of celebration. My favorite festivals included the Hanami matsuri 花見祭り (flower festival), the Jokaku-matsuri 城郭祭り (or Castle festival), and the Hanabi matsuri 花火祭り (fireworks festival). All these festivals involve wonderful and traditional events, including food and social gatherings with games, which everyone gets together and enjoys the splendid historical celebration of Japanese culture and customs. It's a wonderful and time honored way to experience Japanese culture.

D-snap by Panasonic


Lady Hope said...

I don't know why I can't leave your Blog, I even put it in my "Fav Blogs" Folder. Can you believe this?

Anyway, I can't handle the physical contact, I hate to be touched by strangers, whatever he or she is…"maybe it's OK by the ones I know or I love". So, the idea of Private Carriages for Women is Great!
But the idea of "Train Cafe" Where you can groping women "legally" is so ugly, it is really nasty to treat ladies and girls in that way and encouraging perverts to do more instead of punish them??
Hope they will see the negative and nasty side of this idea!

AWWW, Yes, I love the Flowers Festivals especially the Cherry Blossoms, I saw Pics in a newspaper, families going for picnic and enjoying themselves in the Imperial Park where the beautiful trees covering with bunch of Shiny Pink roses, What a delighted scenes!

I would like to thank you for this great information about festivals,
I think you are really good and sweet man and Sayaka is also damn lucky to have you!

**** **** ****
By the way, I call Sayaka sometimes "Sayako", that's because I'm great fan of Imperial Family and I love Lovely Sayako, the Emperor's Daughter.

Tristan Vick said...

Well, I'm glad you like my Blog. I use it more as a personal journal, but I love Japan so much that it's my main subject matter.

Yes, there are still gender equality issues in Japan. A lot of the sexism that exists in the country is blatant, so it shocks us, but like any country Japan has good points and bad points. I'm just happy that it has more good points than bad.

I like to portray all aspects of Japan, because I enjoy them all. Right now Sayaka is really mad because her laptop PC died, and now she can't watch her FRIENDS DVDs. Haha. Poor Sayaka. Luckily for her, her Birthday is in May. Hmmm... I wonder what Sayaka is getting?

Lady Hope said...

Yes My Love.

I was and still interested in the Royal Families, I was so sad that Sayako left her family and her Title too when she married a commoner…I was stunned for that…it is totally unfair!
she should keep her Royal title and keep her good works as a princess.
Also Masako should be more stronger for her daughter... I was relieve when she went to visit St. Luke Hospital few weeks ago ALONE in Solo Engagement,
she -somehow- got her confident back again…she must be strong and defend her daughter's right to be the second-in-line regardless the gender. I think the unexpected pregnancy of her sister-in-law Princess "I Forgot her name" was the big motive for her to wake up and show that she is still strong.


Anyway, I feel sorry for the death of Sayaka's Laptop PC ….
HMMM…maybe she will get a lovely bunch of Flowers…Ha Ha Ha
Yes, nice bunch of flowers to be right beside her brand new Laptop :p

You gave me a good idea about my birthday present too…. I think I need a laptop … but I have to wait till august to give my daddy some hints about my birthday present…
Don't be surprise,
I always say to my dad when my birthday is so close "Well, daddy, my birthday will be next week", so he will ask what kind of present I want most? … then I will say "I think a Computer, Stereo, New Mobile Phone, …ect will be fine! But remember daddy you should keep it a surprise for me"
Ha Ha Ha .
I do this every year and warm-hearted daddy brings for me what I want. So, I think I will ask for a laptop this year.

Thanks for the idea :)