Monday, March 13, 2006

Growing Up All Too Fast

Americans do push there children to grow up fast. Once they're out of high school we kick em' out of the home. Tell them to go to college or get a job. Also with both parents away working, some kids have to learn to practically raise themselves. You want to know why school shootings happen in the U.S.? Parents are too busy with their own lives to get involved with their children's lives. It's true but sad.

Do you think Bill Cosby and his model on how to raise a family would ever spawn a depression crazed teen bent on high reeming emotions so dangerous as to gun down other children? Not in a million years. It's only when parents don't make a point to nurture and love their children, and be in every aspect of that child's life, that things like this happen. With such acts of violence and desperation, children crying out to be loved, you have to wonder where it all went wrong?

In Japan a similar situation happens, but instead of killing other people the teenagers kill themselves en mass "group" suicide ( ). It's extremely eye opening because it shows in both cultures we have a work-aholic problem. We are so addicted to our jobs and making money that we don't give our families the time we should be. We should devore about 87% of our days to our families, not the other way around.

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