Monday, January 02, 2006

JAPAN: Remember the Good Times

The International Residence

This is the dromitory for KGU exchange students. I lived on the fourth floor. Being on the top floor gave us a good look at the surrounding areas, and helped us find land marks to aquaint ourselves with.

Kame-san and Me

Kame-san is the evening guard to the residence. He is the most loving and kind hearted man any of us had ever met. He would joke with us, greet us with a chuckle, and tease us when we got into trouble. He was like our surrogate grandfather. Everybody who has lived at the KGU is fond of Kame-san.


Here is the first group. Half the group left after six months and were replaced by new roomates. That took some adjusting, but we all managed to enjoy the second half just as much! Everyone that lived together became one giant family. No matter what country we hailed from, be it China, South Korea, Australia, America, Canada, England, New Zealand, Thailand, and Vietnam, we all loved one another like brothers and sisters. It was one of the greatest times and best feelings I ever had, knowing these wonderful people.

Base of Operations, Kumamoto

This is inside our flat. The doors on the left enter into a small sleeping quarters which we called our bedroom. To the right was a sliding wall which we took down and opened up an identical flat opposite us. This way we didn't feel clostrophobic, and we had the luxury of pushing the kitchen table to one side. The television and a used couch were set up on the other side completing our pad, and base of operations.

Paper rice doors and tatami mats

Here is David K. working on his laptop in a traditional styled Japanese room. Dave and I weren't actually roomates, as David went to Kumamoto a year after I did. However, to our suprise, Dave and I work at the same company here in the states, where we later met. I have to thank Australian Mark, as I am borrowing some of his photos for reference.

Two Sumo Warriors!

Speaking of Australlian Mark (right), also known as Mark 2, also known as Mark Patterson... here we are facing off sumo style in a traditional sumo wrestling arena. Thao, our roomate from Vietnam just stands by and laughs at our mockery of a real and respected sport. Needless to say, Mark was a worthy foe.

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Meltdown said...

Hey Muffin Man,

I was looking at your pictures and they give quite a look into another side of Japan. One that I don't often see in my imagination. When I think of Japan, I usually think of a overpopulated cess-pool that barely supports human life. I guess I was wrong...

Thanks for the pics and captions.

Scott Beddall

p.s. Are you ever gonna finish this story?
(I am addicted, please post the rest, or link me to where ever the remainder resides.)