Thursday, January 12, 2006

Big Sky Rocky Mountains God's Gift

Rocky Mountains

Japan ain't the only country that's got some beauty to it. This is here is Montana, where I was born and raised. To be more specific, these are the Bridger mountains which create the Bozeman range of the Rocky Mountains. Yellowstone National Park is just a 40 minutes drive from where I live out in Belgrade. These pics were taken four blocks walk from my apartment. Don't you wish you had this view in your back yard?

Big Sky Country

Montana is famous for it's beauty and it's BIG skies. Most people don't believe it, but you can see it for yourself. With no urban sprawl or city rooftops impeeding your view, you get a full panoramic view of God's glory which surrounds you. Not only that, the Mountains like to bend the atmosphere just right creating the most brilliant sunsets imaginable. The eye can see for miles in periferal delight, as it soaks in the most beautiful peace of Earth God ever painted.

Cowboy's Perch

Of the cow days, here is a fence for watering and feeding livestock. It is still used. Even though things may look like they'r out of an old western, dusty and worn, doesn't mean they have lost their value. I reckon that a cowboy has perched on this fence a many time as he takes a break from his busy work.


Wild wheat, farmed grain, and golden bliss. Purple mountains majesty, and amber waves of grain. It's poetic lyrics for sure, but it's also the truth.

Highway to Heaven

Self explanitory I think.

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