Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Unsung Song of Long Lost Sweathearts

After several years, I have found my good childhood friend!

I had two best friends growing up. However, of the two, the second was an unlikely match and pretty much stood for the opposite of everything that I was. Not in a bad way mind you, but my next best friend was a girl much younger than I. Now, I'm not talking like Johnathan Swift cradle robbing young, but when you are a child looking at the big outside world the scope of things makes a person younger than you by three years quiet noticible. Yet, this didn't stop us from being friends.

After having spent time growing up with this girl, she vanished out of my life at the end of my senior year of highschool. Without a trace would be an exageration, because I knew her circumstances, and her life was hard. My life was easy. Maybe I found excitement in her energy and boldness to take life head on, and maybe my laid back style of taking life as is came comforted her. Whatever the cause, we both clicked, but with all the changes we were experiencing growing up, I knew that no matter how well we fit as friends, our relationship was never destined for anything more than comfort.

So five years later, I do the daring, bold, and frankly quite crazy. I hunted down this long lost ghost of a friend and I wrote her a long letter about how important her friendship to me was growing up. She called me up on the phone a couple days later, and to my suprise, we're both the same but entirely new versions of ourselves. She has matured and blossomed, become a mother of two beautiful children, and I have adventured across oceans and found my true love Sayaka.

I must admit, catching up on old times was fun. Finding a long lost friend I didn't expect to find was also an exciting event. It just goes to show that the people who are important at various times of your life can always find a way of being important again. Or for that matter, perhaps they never cease to be important. For my own personal curiousity, I had to know whether she was doing well, and the neat thing is that she is. Coming from a tough background of growing up depending on her own will power to survive in the insanity that was our home town of Cut Bank, it was nice catching up with my dear freind. I'm sure that we will always be friends, but that's the beauty of it all, you see, for me true friendship is the best way to loving your fellow mankind.

The Japanese have the word nakama to describe strong friendship, the type that overwhelms, and those friends which are so direly important they are more than mere friends, they are family. They complete your life, and fulfill our more human needs of bonding and human connection. Perhaps, I feel a little more complete knowing that my childhood friend and I still have a strong connection; concordently our nakama never died.

It's also wonderful knowing that beyond it all, I have a wonderful woman to call my own, and in the light of things, it is Sayaka's frienship I cherish the most. Yet the bottom line is, it's nice to have friends.

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