Saturday, November 19, 2005

Paris Hilton Makes God Cry

Good role model she is NOT

I'm not kidding, she really does. She makes God cry. And as hard is it is to find an actual photo of God crying, what do you think rain is? Notice the weather has been a bit misty lately? If you don't, talk to the people of New Orleans. Those weren't just a light smattering of tear drops people, that was torrential sobs. Yet as difficult is it is to find the proof of God balling his mighty tears out over the fact that he accidentally created an abomination as seductively whorish as Paris Hilton, my God I can't stop looking... even though my eyes are on fire, I just can't break away from her magnetic pull of all that is unholy in the world. Yes, it's not a secret, Paris Hilton makes God cry.

But I'm not the only one who thinks so, check out the October 28th Archive over at The site. They have the proof, and you will find the proof in the article about her and Tom Sizemore, and I hate to be the barer of bad news, but yes they have met. And yes, this does mean that Paris Hilton is not only a slutty whorish imitation of a human woman, but she's also a liar. But I highly doubt that's the worst of her sins.

Short of bestiality there isn't anything Paris hasn't done to get attention and a little publicity stunt can go a long way, but I still stand firm by saying she is the worst example of a human being that has ever walked this earth, but I'm sure it's not her fault, it's probably the way she was raised. I mean, everyone needs a good excuse for why they can't be better people, right? Read my lips you teeny boppers spending all of your parent's hard earned money trying your darndest just to look as slutty as Paris Hilton, "Not a role model! No, not even close."

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