Thursday, October 06, 2005

Computive Authority

I find it odd that anybody in the professional industry has more authority if only they sit behind a computer. FedEx man comes in, and walla, person behind the comp gets to sign for the delivery? Why? Because it takes brains to run a machine, and those people who sit at computers must have decision making capabilities right?

Hello computer? How come talking through the mouse never works?

However, I personally don't ever know what I'm doing. I just hit keys and things happen. However, this has never stopped anybody at my place of employment from coming over and asking me the bigger questions. Never mind the fact I'm not their manager. Never mind the fact that I've only been working there for two day when they've been there for three years. I'm behind a computer. And people who sit behind a computer obviously know what they're doing.

Problem? I can fix it, I can fix anything! Clrl. Alt.; and the respect ensues. Never mind the fact I don't really know what I'm doing. There are hundreds like me, hundreds of us computer savvy, those who make the world a smoother functioning place. And it's a wild ride, because none of us, and I can promise you, not a single one of us have a clue. But, so what? Where's the fun in knowing everything anyway?

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