Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Are you not entertained?!

"Are you not entertained," echoed Maxamillius's words as he postured in the arena bellow. The Gladiator was enraged at the pompus rich and middle class patrons who would use there money for watching such a bloody and dehumanizing sport.
Well, according to Yahoo News, we still have morons who are so easily entertained. It may not be Gladiators, and it may not even be pro-wrestlers yelling obstinities as each other while wearing speedos and sweating under huge spot lights only to later play a little slap and tickle tag, it is however, just as silly.

Yahoo news reporst: Speaking of Paris Hilton, she hit Vegas last weekend in her usual manner. The partying princess was spotted at Tao at the Venetian and also at the one-year anniversary of Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. And she just couldn't get enough of her signature table-top dancing at Body English on Saturday night. What a sight she was. I'm told she fell off the table not just once, but a "few times." "She'd just fall off, stumble and get right back up, like there was nothing wrong," a fellow party-hopper reports.

Ouch, does it hurt to fall down?

Granted, watching idiots (most probably drunk) falling off tables numerous times is indeed funny, why won't Paris just go away? Why does the press need to hound her so much? She obviously cators and even craves the cameras attentions, but the more she's in the news the more apparent it is that Paris Hilton is a twit. Well, I can't help but laugh at her, but it makes me sick how many young girls are trying to emulate her. Just so everyone knows, "she's not a role model! No no no!" And you can quote me on that.
In fact, Paris is like the opposite of a role model. She's like, the anti-role model which doesn't stand for anything good. She's not generous, intelligent, or uplifting. She only runs around being stupid... and when I say "being" she's doing it on purpose. Because can anyone really be that dumb? I redirect you to the report by Yahoo above. Paris amounts to billionaire trailer trash, and I think I just offended all of the trailer trash, my apologies.

Maybe the title of this post should have been "obsessed with obsenities." Just thinking outloud.

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