Saturday, September 17, 2005

Love Like no Other

Real Lovers

Imagine this, you are an intelligent woman and every single man you've ever dated has been emotionally closed off. Now, I'm not talking standard male subtlety with emotions, I'm talking love and enraged hate are the same straight poker face and the best compliment you can get is apathy. Where love triangles are common practice, and you're expected to play the game, because your goal isn't to be loved, but to be the object of a man. Not even considered worthy enough for his egotistical self serving desire. Your entire purpose is to serve and honor that man, no matter how disrespectful and neglectful he is to you, you must remain emotionally and sexually available and at his every beckoning call. Now imagine, this is the only type of love you have ever known... how would you feel?

Now imagine this. Imagine some stranger from a far off land came bursting into your life with an energy and vibrance you had never seen before? His attentions were always directed at you. He compliments you every chance he gets? Always touches your cheek with a soft hand. He even manages to open up his own feelings and talk to you with such depth that your entire being feels complete. That in fact, you find beyond the physical and emotional connections, there is something quite deeper. You find a spiritual connection, and what's more, you find yourself to be happy! You are his main desire, and he sees, thinks, and craves nothing else but you. He feels it so much that he can't stop saying the words, "I love you." What's more, you can't get tired of hearing them, no matter how many times he says the same three words.

The first horrible image is that of a complaint I hear from Japanese women when describing their men, what's worse, their very own relationships. Granted not all of them are that bad, the majority or nearly 90% of the girls I have talked to say it is that bad; most of them think it's worse. I don't blame them. To be an item, loved only as long as you maintain his interest, only to have to give your all and never get anything in return, to have to share his wondering affections with that of other women competing against you instead of sympathizing with you, that would be a nightmare in any relationship! To think that it is common practice in Japan is entirely frightening. No wonder five (five!) of my Japanese friends (all women) are marrying American men. They're sick and tired of not being admired for how great they are and are seeking elsewhere for that which they need to fulfill their needs.

The second part of the story is, I like to think, those things which I offer Sayaka. In fact, I don't have to think, I know, because she has told me in so many thank yous. Our love, is quite simply, a love like no other.

I love you, Sayaka! With everything that I am, I love you. You make my life so joyful and I couldn't dream of a better woman than you, because the truth is, you walked right out of my dreams and into my life. Your gift of love has meant so much to me. It has filled my love tank right up to the very top. More importantly you are the sexiest woman I know and I delight in you, your intelligence, beauty, and pureness of heart! I feel honored, even privilaged, to be the recipient of your love. Sharing my life with you is the greatest journy I will ever embark upon. You are eternally in my heart. Thank you so very much for saying "yes."

Steamy Kiss Under a Waterfall


Ako said...

Wow, did you propose to Sayaka-san? And she said "yes"?

Tristan Vick said...

Thank you Ako-san. We will be getting married in Kumamoto!