Sunday, September 11, 2005

Kengun Shrine

Hand crafted

This is Kengun (ken-goon) Jinja. Or rather, this is the entrance into the court yard of this large place of worship. Kengun Shrine is one of my favorite places to go. It is beautiful and serene, and has some of the most artistic tooling and hand crafted wood gates I have ever seen! Where as most shrines have rock pillar style entrances, this one is very sophisticated in its intricate design. It makes one have an appreciation for the dedication of craftsmenship and hard work that the Japanese go through in maintaining the "look" of such things.

Country side, natural beauty

This is one aspect of the culture I highly admire. Every detail has been specifically crafter, oriented, or manipulated to fit into what I call the "Japanese psyche." The looks of the temples, shrines, and gardens, and everything else including the buildings and streets are all created with a visual "awareness" in mind. They know exactly how it will interact in the environment both economically and visually. This attention to detail oriented aspects of Japanese living makes them subtle or simplification of everything quite appealing. It also happens to make Japan on of the most visually appealing countries on the planet. They have spent thousands of years trying to get the look down right, and seeing a city scape seemlessly lead into a countryside of rice paties and rolling mountain ranges is breathtaking.

Brilliant architecture, pleasing to the eye


Cal the Wonderdog said...

That is one beautiful structure.
Cool blog!


Tristan Vick said...

Yeah, I think so too. Dogs can even go inside and pray with you! Isn't that cool? How many churches let you take your pups in with them in America? Oh, poor animals with souls.

Astrid said...

So I guess this is what a Japanese Frank Lloyd Wright-house looks like, huh? I think I could well live here!!!