Sunday, September 18, 2005

Air Gear and the most tallented Manga-ka Alive!

Air Gear 10

"Air Gear" Is a light hearted manga by Ogure Ito aka OH! Great, and is a tale set in the not so near future about high school students who have an amazing technology: roller blades. Or at first, what appears to the untrained imagination as common footwear, in actuallity, turn out to be high tech sophisticated air-blades! These air-blades can ride unseen information strands, much like a kite would ride the breeze.

Ikki (Minami Itsuki), a handsome young tallented skater, hangs out with a group of high school students who spend their days shooting off at the mouth and blading hard. Competing for medals, won for each victory, Ikki quickly makes a reputation as being the craziest and most daring person to ever try the extreme sport of Air Gear. His new found fame gets him and his friends into loads of trouble, and numerous street gangs seek to challenge Ikki's skill.

This zaney comic is full of juvenile humor, lots of pranks, and tons of fans service drawn in by Ogure Ito specifically for his male fanbase... check out the splash for trick (chapter) 85! Wowza! That's a cultural difference which would get edited right out if this book ever comes to America! But don't take my word for it, just be patient and wait and see.

This is volume ten of the collected tankoban (graphic novel). This story takes our characters to a spooky abandoned school, said to be haunted. Many hijinks ensue as Ikki and friends decide to spend the night and ghost hunt, but something off in the distant mysts holds a frightening mystery. Get yourself a copy of this exciting and extremely artistic manga to find out! Again, OH! Great (known for "Tenjou Tenge") dazzles us with his new artistic style, combining his uber detail with crisp clean lines, and adding a new flair of punk and graffiti style art all seemlessly intermeshed to form this comedy/sci-fi.

Trick 85

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