Monday, September 19, 2005

Beautiful! Overwhelmingly Gorgeous!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Air Gear and the most tallented Manga-ka Alive!

Air Gear 10

"Air Gear" Is a light hearted manga by Ogure Ito aka OH! Great, and is a tale set in the not so near future about high school students who have an amazing technology: roller blades. Or at first, what appears to the untrained imagination as common footwear, in actuallity, turn out to be high tech sophisticated air-blades! These air-blades can ride unseen information strands, much like a kite would ride the breeze.

Ikki (Minami Itsuki), a handsome young tallented skater, hangs out with a group of high school students who spend their days shooting off at the mouth and blading hard. Competing for medals, won for each victory, Ikki quickly makes a reputation as being the craziest and most daring person to ever try the extreme sport of Air Gear. His new found fame gets him and his friends into loads of trouble, and numerous street gangs seek to challenge Ikki's skill.

This zaney comic is full of juvenile humor, lots of pranks, and tons of fans service drawn in by Ogure Ito specifically for his male fanbase... check out the splash for trick (chapter) 85! Wowza! That's a cultural difference which would get edited right out if this book ever comes to America! But don't take my word for it, just be patient and wait and see.

This is volume ten of the collected tankoban (graphic novel). This story takes our characters to a spooky abandoned school, said to be haunted. Many hijinks ensue as Ikki and friends decide to spend the night and ghost hunt, but something off in the distant mysts holds a frightening mystery. Get yourself a copy of this exciting and extremely artistic manga to find out! Again, OH! Great (known for "Tenjou Tenge") dazzles us with his new artistic style, combining his uber detail with crisp clean lines, and adding a new flair of punk and graffiti style art all seemlessly intermeshed to form this comedy/sci-fi.

Trick 85

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Love Like no Other

Real Lovers

Imagine this, you are an intelligent woman and every single man you've ever dated has been emotionally closed off. Now, I'm not talking standard male subtlety with emotions, I'm talking love and enraged hate are the same straight poker face and the best compliment you can get is apathy. Where love triangles are common practice, and you're expected to play the game, because your goal isn't to be loved, but to be the object of a man. Not even considered worthy enough for his egotistical self serving desire. Your entire purpose is to serve and honor that man, no matter how disrespectful and neglectful he is to you, you must remain emotionally and sexually available and at his every beckoning call. Now imagine, this is the only type of love you have ever known... how would you feel?

Now imagine this. Imagine some stranger from a far off land came bursting into your life with an energy and vibrance you had never seen before? His attentions were always directed at you. He compliments you every chance he gets? Always touches your cheek with a soft hand. He even manages to open up his own feelings and talk to you with such depth that your entire being feels complete. That in fact, you find beyond the physical and emotional connections, there is something quite deeper. You find a spiritual connection, and what's more, you find yourself to be happy! You are his main desire, and he sees, thinks, and craves nothing else but you. He feels it so much that he can't stop saying the words, "I love you." What's more, you can't get tired of hearing them, no matter how many times he says the same three words.

The first horrible image is that of a complaint I hear from Japanese women when describing their men, what's worse, their very own relationships. Granted not all of them are that bad, the majority or nearly 90% of the girls I have talked to say it is that bad; most of them think it's worse. I don't blame them. To be an item, loved only as long as you maintain his interest, only to have to give your all and never get anything in return, to have to share his wondering affections with that of other women competing against you instead of sympathizing with you, that would be a nightmare in any relationship! To think that it is common practice in Japan is entirely frightening. No wonder five (five!) of my Japanese friends (all women) are marrying American men. They're sick and tired of not being admired for how great they are and are seeking elsewhere for that which they need to fulfill their needs.

The second part of the story is, I like to think, those things which I offer Sayaka. In fact, I don't have to think, I know, because she has told me in so many thank yous. Our love, is quite simply, a love like no other.

I love you, Sayaka! With everything that I am, I love you. You make my life so joyful and I couldn't dream of a better woman than you, because the truth is, you walked right out of my dreams and into my life. Your gift of love has meant so much to me. It has filled my love tank right up to the very top. More importantly you are the sexiest woman I know and I delight in you, your intelligence, beauty, and pureness of heart! I feel honored, even privilaged, to be the recipient of your love. Sharing my life with you is the greatest journy I will ever embark upon. You are eternally in my heart. Thank you so very much for saying "yes."

Steamy Kiss Under a Waterfall

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Kengun Shrine

Hand crafted

This is Kengun (ken-goon) Jinja. Or rather, this is the entrance into the court yard of this large place of worship. Kengun Shrine is one of my favorite places to go. It is beautiful and serene, and has some of the most artistic tooling and hand crafted wood gates I have ever seen! Where as most shrines have rock pillar style entrances, this one is very sophisticated in its intricate design. It makes one have an appreciation for the dedication of craftsmenship and hard work that the Japanese go through in maintaining the "look" of such things.

Country side, natural beauty

This is one aspect of the culture I highly admire. Every detail has been specifically crafter, oriented, or manipulated to fit into what I call the "Japanese psyche." The looks of the temples, shrines, and gardens, and everything else including the buildings and streets are all created with a visual "awareness" in mind. They know exactly how it will interact in the environment both economically and visually. This attention to detail oriented aspects of Japanese living makes them subtle or simplification of everything quite appealing. It also happens to make Japan on of the most visually appealing countries on the planet. They have spent thousands of years trying to get the look down right, and seeing a city scape seemlessly lead into a countryside of rice paties and rolling mountain ranges is breathtaking.

Brilliant architecture, pleasing to the eye

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Japanese Sisters


I finally got to posting a close up shot of Sayaka and her little sister Yayoi. Both girls are extremely beautiful, however, where Sayaka has a glamorous appeal, Yayoi has more of an energetic quality. Yayoi is highly active and a tad bit tom-boyish. Personally, I think Sayaka has a greater femenine appeal. Although, just as many friends offer to trade their girlfriends to me in exchange for Yayoi's phone number (As if I had a say in the matter). In fact, I have a good friend that still wants to date Yayoi, but he'll have to get past big sister first! Sayaka is extremely protective of Yayoi, and you can see the sisterly love in her concern for her younger sibling.

Vroom vroommm!

To give you a better idea of Yayoi's personality, here is her vehicle of choice. Yeah, about the energetic more tom-boyish quality... she may look like a doll with her pink glossy lipstick and cute little pose, but don't let looks fool you! She could eat you up and spit you out. Grrrr! Little sister rocks!

But if you even look at little sister the wrong way big sister will rock you, into the ground. Not that little sister would need the help, Yayoi is independant enough that the last thing anybody would want is these two girls tag-teaming to clobber yah'! That would be painful. The good thing is after they tear you apart Yayoi could put you back together again as she's a genuine physical therapist!

True Beauty

True Beauty

Sometimes a guy like me has to wonder how he lucked out and found a girl this beautiful? You know what the funny thing is, she's a thousand times more beautiful on the inside. Her personality glows a brilliant ora engulfs all those who come into contact with her and they are instantly mesmorized!

One day when Sayaka came to my University to have lunch with me she had worn a very beautiful spanish dress and white blouse. A fellow student came up to me and instantly his jaw hit the ground. "This is your fiance?" He enquired with an awe struck dumbfounded tone. I nodded and he just grinned and said, "I'll trade you my wife for her!"

This occurance is more common than you may think. Odd as it may sound, I've had more than one man come up to me offering to trade me their wives.

My fiance Sayaka and I

A full grown Japanese man about fifty two years old came up to me about a year and a half ago and put his hand on my shoulder. Beckoning me closer he whispered in my ear, "I'll give you my wife for her." I looked over as he stared at my girl, knowing that I wouldn't trade her for anything in the God given Universe, and two thoughts came across my mind, cold cock the rude bastard or take it as a compliment and apologize for his inhability to please his wife. Then apologize to the wife who, aparently, is just another posession of this man. After all, the thought had crossed my mind that beyond Sayaka's beauty, what most people envy is how strong our love for each other is. I chose to let the man learn the hard way, maybe someday he'd become a real man and learn how to accept the love of his wonderful Japanese wife, who hovered patiently in the background waiting for her drunk husband to move along.

A beauty

Perhaps you have heard stories about a girl so stunning that cars pull off the road just to oogle? Or cars drive into other cars while they oogle? Well, that's her, that's Sayaka. I've stared a many Japanese-punk down, whether they be 58 years old or 15 years old, she has an effect on men that would make Helen of Troy wonder why only a 1,000 ships? The truth is, Helen of Troy wasn't a real woman, she was a man's fantasy woman. A woman designed to be the perfection of beauty so that she too would be the greatest prize. However, all of these heroic men forgot one very important detail, it's not the woman that is the prize, but her love.

I'm the luckiest guy in the world, not because Sayaka chose me, but because she chose to love me. And that's special.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Anime Craze Revitalization on the Horizon!

Japanese comics are here, and they're here to stay. What's more is on a daily basis we bring more and more Japanese popular culture into our own country. This includes films, music, books, comics, and exciting fashion trends!


For those that don't know, one of the largest publishing companies on the planet, Shogakukan Inc., just aquired the number one publisher of manga, Viz. Entertainment -now known ad Viz. Media.

Viz comics is known for bringing us many wonderful titles in glorious English with minimum censoring or alterations in art. In fact, of all the companies handling major properties Viz. comics has been the most respectable.
It also looks like many of the titles I have previewed here and on my other website will be released state side by Viz media. Including one of my favorite films, "Shimotsuma Monogatari" which is known around the globe under the English title of, "Kami-kaze Girls."

Another title which looks like it may get picked up is "Pluto" by Naoki Urasawa, and originally created by the master manga story teller Osamu Tezuka. "Pluto" takes place in the famed "Astro-boy" universe and focuses on the destructive robot created for one purpose, destroying all robots. The reason I feel this title will be released by Viz in the future is two fold. One, my track record has been flawless, and often a year before any titles are released...which makes me wonder why I'm not working for them? *If anyone at Viz. needs a bi-lingual, Japanese manga fanatic who is interested in all cultural aspects of Japan...*big hint inserted here.

The second reason is that Shogakukan publishing just signed a release allowing "Pluto" to be sold in America. After that I just put two and two together. Wether or not it's being translated now, I can not say, but my bet is that it's highly likely.

In other news, "Naruto," and excellent manga series by Masashi Kishimoto and published by Viz. just got picked up by Shopro for film distribution. It is airing on Cartoon Network this november, and if you haven't seen it... be prepared! "Naruto" will no doubt surpass the popularity of any Anime and Manga title in America. Just wait and see.


Hot Topic has a special liscensing contract with Shopro Entertainment, and the first product to be marketed in a blitzkreg of merchandising is none other than "Naruto." Ever major Hot Topic retailer with distribute clothing, toys, and the "Naruto" manga itself along with other marketable merchandise based off this hot franchise.

The Japanese style of cross-marketing in sales is here! And all the parents and local bus drivers who have never heard of a "Naruto" will be telling you character stats and bios by the end of next year, and reciting them back to you faster than you can say, "Pokemon what?"