Monday, July 18, 2005

Tree Climbing

Big Tree

How would you like to be the one to climb this gargantuan leafy timber? The tree reminded me of the one from "Totoro" and I had to get a picture of it. The lovely lady sitting under the tree is my one and only love, Sayaka.

This tree is in the park in front of the castle and is probably 800 years old. I was told most of the trees were planted before the castle was even built, so you're looking at anywhere from 600 to 800 years ago. Don't mind his age though, this tree still gives much needed shade on a blistering summer day. Even though Sayaka and I were roasting alive as it was 98 degrees and about 98% humidity that day, we stopped to refresh ourselves under the cool shade of big tree.

Sayaka playing with the tree.

Sayaka loves roots. For some reason she thinks they are more beautiful than the rest of a tree. Me, I think they look creepy, but we still had fun playing with them. Next to the castle moat some of the land had slid into the water, probably due to torential rain downfall. This landslide left many of the roots exposed to one of the neighboring trees, in which Sayaka just had to stop and play. Me too! We had great fun, even though it was sweltering hot.

tree light

Lucky for me, right before I passed out from heat stroke, we managed to stumble upon a drinking fountain at the other end of the park. I took a big drink and the water was too warm, so I turned it up so the water shot straight up about 20 feet! A lot of pressure there. I got the thing turned back down in time just to have Sayaka laugh at my wet pants. It you notice, I splashed them good. That's what I'm here for, entertainment folks! I hope you're all enjoying my blog.

Goober takes drink

As we left the park I had the distinct feeling that we were being followed. I turned around quickly and caught two suspicious looking shadows lurking behind our steps. Sure enough, we were having so much fun they decided to tag along to see what we'd do next!

The Shadow people!

(Special note: These pictures were taken in July of 2005, not 1999. My digital camera has a bad habbit of reseting the date everytime I take the memory card out)


Astrid said...

So how come the tree has its roots above the ground? Did something happen to the tree or is this the way it is supposed to grow?

Tristan Vick said...

The ground just fell out from under. You see, Japan's raining season is like giving yourself a mega-swirly in the toilet every three minutes. Stuff gets mushy, then landslides happen. Lots of houses fall off hills. It's very funny! But sometimes... you can see naked trees!