Monday, July 11, 2005

Stinko-matic gets Scrub Down

Watermelon munchies

Marmph-umph-glumph...yum yum...slurp.

After his much needed bath and shampoo, "S" ate one of the towels we used to dry him with. Well, he ate half of the towel. We didn't know he was so starved, however, Hiromi (Sayaka's aunt) came out to see the new shiny and softer "S", not to mention a much better smelling dog. Also she brought him his favorite treat -suika (sue-ie-ka) or in English -Watermelon! I didn't know my pal "S" and I loved the same types of foods! It goes to show that you really do learn something new everyday.

More please

That was delicious, may I beg for more?

"S" snarfed down a quarter of a watermelon in about ten seconds and wanted seconds. He sat patiently and politely waiting for any scraps which Hiromi might share.

Yeah that's what I want!

What a good day this was thought "S". I should come over to the Miyamoto household more often.

After teasing "S" a little bit and making him sit and do his tricks, Hiromi finaly shared her last portion of watermelon with stinko-mut. "S" was so happy to smell better and now he had fresh watermelon breath too!


petals said...


interesting name you got for your dog. :)

anyway, "watermelon" in mandarin [han yu pin yin] is "xi gua" and the chinese characters are written as 西瓜.

Tristan Vick said...

Actually, I covered the many mysteries of "S" in an earlier post. I even talked about his name-sake, and it's a post too good to pass up. You can find it under "Walkies." As for his name, as I explained, Sayaka's grandfather named all the animals ESU in Japanese, which in English sounds like "S" and well, super-dog is quite charming. Hope you continue to visit and enjoy my writings!