Monday, July 25, 2005

Return to Blue Lagoon

Return to blue lagoon

Here we find a very spectacular waterfall. The source of the waterfall is the same source of water which supplies Tsuujunkyo bridge. From the bridge it only took fifteen minutes to hike down and around to the basin where the best view of the falls were. The entire walk through the bamboo (often 60 to 70 meters tall) and forestry was intesnse and muggy, but coming out into the opening of mist and cool ionized air really envigorated us! Not only that, we had the most amazing view nature could afford. Yes, I'm talking about my lovely Sayaka!

Sayaka enjoys the cool refreshing mist

Is that a bird, plane, or Superman? I can't tell.

Looking up we could see a suspension bridge high up in the sky overlooking the waterfall. I just had to get up there and take some photos. The bridge was actually quite large. I kept thinking of Indian Jones while we trecked through this jungle terrain, bridges, and so forth. Luckilly we didn't happen to bump into any snakes, but lots of spiders the size of your fist!

Front view of the falls from the suspended bridge off yonder


Astrid said...

Now you got me all curious, what did you see high up in the sky?

Tristan Vick said...

I saw a suspension bridge that was so high and scary I climbed back up the mountain just to walk across it!