Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Give Me Beer!

Beer from a vending machine!

(Price: large pint: $14. Tall can $3. Short can: $1.50)

Okay, so you didn't believe me when I said earlier that beer can poor forth from the street?! It can, and here's my proof! Beer vending machines, for those weary folk on a hot humid summer day in Japan, the Japanese are lucky enough not only to have cigarette vending machines still, but have liquor venders too. These products don't have safe-guards to ensure that only adults buy the liquor and cigarettes, which shocked me at fist. What's to stop a teenager from curiousity and expirementation? Oh, moral standards and responsible moral obligation? Oh who would have thought that? From the American standpoint I originally thought how foolish, then I came to know the strict Japanese high moral values weren't just a lofty concept, they were ingrained. The main difference is that they respect each other enough not to abuse the system, others, or themselves. The close knit society depends upon cooperation and harmonious teamsmanship -meaning if one cog gets out of joint the entire society would come to a standstill. It's just nice to see that somebody on this planet still has values and respect for other's property.

And cocktail drinks! Plus more beer!

If you're a chick and dislike the taste of a cold beer, then how about a refreshing cocktail drink? Also on the street corners are a variety of girly drinks, which I happen to prefer actually. The beer and cigarette machines automatically close down at 9 pm and 11 pm respectably. I guess this is to ensure people stop drinking after hours and don't come back from the bars only to get a little more drunk and rampage (besides there's always the 24 hour Seven Eleven to satisfy your 24 hour addictions). A good safegaurd against alchoholics, but why the cigarettes I wonder? One addiction goes hand in hand with the other I suppose.

An business man patiently waited for me to take pictures of the machines as he stood in line to get a cold one. I thought it was quite funny, at least from his perspective, after all I only stopped to get a photo. I'm sure he was baffled when I road off without a beer.

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