Monday, July 11, 2005

Escape Artist "S"

I hope I don't get caught

Somebody came two blocks from his house to visit us today. Is he an escape artist, or does "S" have friends on the inside? As it turns out he has both! In a shy look "S" peeked into the kitchen window looking for some friends to play with. At first I thought he was on the run, as just a few days prior he broke out and dashed down the street from his house to the Miyamoto family's. Reminds me of a certain "Wonder Dog" I once knew.

However, today was different. "S" didn't escape, he had an accompliss. Sayaka's aunt had let him out freely, and he roamed for two blocks coming here to see his walky-budies. Sayaka and I were so happy, but what was that smell?

Let me in!

Sayaka opens the sliding kitchen window to say hellow to stinko. "S" of course tried to get inside and see everyone, but we wouldn't let him. His stench was horrible. It was the strong scent of "S" number 5.

More more more love please!

Of course I had to say hi to my stinky pal "S" too. He was so happy to see his number one walking buddy that he couldn't control himself.

Happy Dog!

This is one happy dog. Happy but awefuly smelly. There was only one thing to do!... give "S" a bath.

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