Monday, July 04, 2005

Cow Piss Water?

Drink WHAT?!

Here's a pic of the infamous "cow piss" drink available only in Japan! Its true name is Calpis Water, but in Japanese pronounciation it sounds like cow-piss wata. As I stated earlier, it is hard to supress the giggles everytime you hear it called this. Don't let the name of the drink fool you though, it taste quite delicious.

(Notice the catchy red circle on the bottle which reads: pure & refresh. That's the crazy Japanese for you! I can't tell if the "cow piss" is pure and will refresh my thirst, or if they initially meant fresh but got confused because the Japanese ad makers weren't fluent in English, or if its just more crazy Engrish made to sell because Engrish sounds kool and looks neat plastered on EVERYTHING! As an English speaking person I'm so confused right now.)

My prize!

One of the things the local convenience stores do to compete is to give toys with the products, sort of like a McDonald's happy meal toy, but you get one with each purchase. Seven Eleven is the most competative, as the 9th Pokemon motion picture is comming out, Seven Eleven got the sponsorship promotions running full steam.

With my "cow piss" I got this strange new Pokemon bottle cap toy. It's a toy figurine which attaches to a stand which can sit on top of your bottled drink. Other than playing with it, or just watching it sit on your drink, I don't know much of what else it's good for. But who can pass up free toys?! Not I, that's for sure.

Last year with the summer olympics Coca-Cola Co. Had these wonderful variety of metal pins. I have several of them attached to my back-pack and various bags. Every now and then there is something really unique and interesting given away, and the gimmicks are meant to make you buy the product at Seven Eleven or Lawson say versus the nearest vending machine. Also, drinks in convenient stores run an average of 5 to 10 yen less, making it worth your trip, considering you can find any variety of store within walking distance to your home. From where I am at there are two Seven Eleven's a block either way and one Lawson.


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