Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Chester the Cat and Max the Dragon's first Fireworks Festival

Chester’s Grand Adventure
The Fireworks Festival and the Mystery of the Three Moons

By Tristan Vick

In the not so distant future, in a realm of imagination and fun, a new history awakens. One hot day in Japan Chester, the household pet cat of the Ishihara family, ventures under the porch to find cool shade. While under the house Chester spots a mouse and takes chase. Accidentally bumping the wall, Chester crashes into a pile of rocks which slide away. Three objects fall out of a hidden place to the ground and the dust settles revealing three ancient Japanese scrolls. Upon inspecting the scrolls Chester incidentally breaks their seals and initializes all of their latent power to which a mystical portal to an alternate universe opens. Upon seeing a vast grassy field on the other side of the portal window, a mouse dashes past Chester in a desperate escape attempt. Chester follows after and accidentally steps through the portal and finds that he can speak and think like a human. In this universe ancient times collide with modern and animals walk and talk alongside with human beings. With this newfound discovery Chester ventures further into this alternate world which although familiar to him (and us), is entirely foreign and new. Before Chester realizes that he has lost track of time he returns too late to the portal which vanishes before his eyes, leaving Chester trapped in this alternate reality, away from home.

Chester Bing Toodle Fien Feline, whom folks just called Chester for short, was a shark Cat. However, Chester didn't know this; he had never met a shark before. Rather Chester was a black Cat with a white five pronged star symbol upon his head. His little paws were white too, and the very tip of his tail and ears had white tuffs of fur as well.

One lazy afternoon a dreary Chester awoke from a good nap on the top platform of the farm windmill. As he sluggishly arose Chester made a circle and with a big yawn stretched out as far as he could. With a short step Chester looked over the ledge of his platform at the ground below him. He sat down and licked his paw and then hopped down to the ground. Shadows of purple tints whisked across rolling hillsides of green grass with ripples which looked like ocean waves. Chester light footedly walked to the tip of the alien looking hill where he came nose to nose with a pink dragon with large yellow spots! The dragon was just a little bigger than Chester, and he had two small purple wings which could barely lift his chubby little bottom off of the ground, and when he did become airborn he could only sustain himself for a few seconds before dropping back down only to always land on his little pink bottom. This playful little dragon’s name was Max. In the distance white fluffy clouds looking like sheep floated dreamily in the light blue sky.

The dragon burped a small orange flame almost singing Chester’s wisker hairs as he sat and watched the little pink oddity for a moment or two, then with disinterest Chester continued on his way. After a few steps Chester stopped and sat down to lick his paws again, however this was just a rouse. Not far off behind him slunk the little pink dragon, trying to act unsuspicious. But Chester knew he was being followed.

Pretty soon Chester became annoyed and twirled around confronting Max.
"Are you going to follow me the whole day again?" Chester angrily growled at Max, who often followed in Chester's stead.

The silly dragon simply cocked his head and took two playful steps towards Chester. "Well, if you're coming along again today there’ll be no trying to tackle my shadow. The last time you looked utterly ridiculous. Well, we'd better hurry to town,” Chester motioned as he pranced in an antsy fashion towards the dragon and back again. “The rocket takes off in ten minutes."

With that said the two friends galloped across the field toward the launch pad. The launch site overlooked the beach, and when they came to the white sand and the crystal clear blue and turquoise ocean waves Max got excited and splashed around in the water. Chester turned and gave Max a stern look, for they were extremely pressed for time and didn't have the luxury of play. Max got the hint and reluctantly trotted up behind Chester who was not waiting another minute.

A bright red rocket ship stood upright upon the launch pad. Steam gushed out from underneath the ship and all kinds of neat mechanical noises could be heard as the ship prepared for take off. It looked real sporty too, and Max stopped to gaze up at the magnificent piece of technology as Chester continued on ahead.

Having boarder the spaceship, Chester and Max found their seats and looked out one of the round portal windows towards the farm and grassy knolls. With a rumble of the turbine engines the rocket engines ignited and the entire platform began to shake. After a few seconds the ship shifted and lifted off the platform and shot into the sky. From the ground only a streamer of white smoke along a blue skyline faded into the distance. Max the dragon and Chester Bing Toodle Fien Feline where once again headed to one of Earth’s three moons. Whereas we typically see only one big round moon, there are two more cloaked moons, hidden by ancient spells written on mystical scrolls which protect the people and animals living there. Even our big moon has a special spell cast on it which makes it look dead to anyone who comes into contact with it. Basically the three moons exist in a separate dimension, which the ancient scrolls allow for a gateway to the mystical three moons. Today they were going to speak to the wise old turtle Harold Hard Back.

Harold was an ancient snapping turtle of enormous size, and knew many things. Chester had a problem and needed to ask Harold's advice. Max didn't know much of anything, he was still too young, but he liked the excitement of the journey. Chester had a crush on a girl cat named Phoenix Hearted Persephone. She was an elegant white cat with a pink nose and grey paws which looked like adorable booties. Chester was infatuated with Persephone, as she liked to be called, and needed advice on how to ask her out, if not win her love. Soon the annual fireworks festival back on planet Opak would begin and Chester desired more than anything to win the affections of Persephone and take her to the fireworks spectacular spectacular! The only problem was that the always cool acting Chester was all too shy, and his little dragon friend (the one with his face pressed so hard up against the glass window that his nose looked like a pancake) was just a little too dumb to give any helpful advice on girls. For that matter, Chester didn’t even think Max knew what a girl was. Harold the wise old turtle was said to have all the answers. It was also said that he was extremely cranky. Chester just assumed this was because of his age, after all he was 300 years old! Yet Harold did know a thing or two about girls and so Chester ventured to the first hidden moon.

The moon Chester and Max wear headed to was known as Ai. Ai was the smallest of the three moons and the ancient scrolls defined its meaning as Love. The other two moons were known as Kichi, which means Luck in Japanese language, and Kibo, which means to Wish. This is why Ai was such an interesting place as it was fashioned to look like ancient Japan, yet containing all the modern conveniences. Many architects and environmentalists knew that the appealing aesthetics of Japanese artitecture, not to mention the landscaping of Japan and beautiful Japanese gardens, blended well with nature and its surrounding environments. Many of the original founders of Ai were Japanese people, and so the influence of its culture remains today on the small moon. The second moon called Kichi, also the middle moon and second largest, was a big metropolitan city. Parts of Kichi looked like a futuristic yet retro New York City of the 1940s while other parts looked like present day Tokyo. Those who lived on the moon of Kichi called both parts Uniopollis. Even though Kichi which had big cities of steal and concrete and bosted the largest populace, it wasn’t all city. Kichi had beautiful countryside as well, and supplied much of the agriculture for the three moons. The third moon, which we see in our sky, is actually three times bigger than we see it. With the ancient scrolls cloaking it in a shrowd of lifeless dirt, this is only an illusion, and all three moons allow for those living on them to have a peaceful and well protected life. In actuality the third moon known as Kibo has a small ocean and two large islands. No large city exists on Kibo, and unlike the many small towns on Ai, Kibo has no focused populace. Kibo has many small unchained fishing villages as it is a relaxing ocean town where everyone is friendly and relaxed. The residents of Kibo all enjoy the delicious fish which swim in the sea, and Kibo has the most familial communities. With beach huts running along various points of ocean front property, Kibo has the best fishing industry around. Many of the natives still live simple, and even though they have electricity, many people choose to turn off the lights and just enjoy the evening stars. These are the three hidden moons protected by the ancient magical scrolls.

Soon enough the cherry red Rocket landed with little to no problem on the space shuttle runway on the moon of Ai. Ai had a thin atmosphere which allowed for air so it was safe to walk around just like on any other livable class 7 planet. Upon getting off the rocket Chester and his pink and yellow spotted friend sauntered up to the train station and charted a train into the mountains. Harold was a Buddhist turtle and lived high in the mountain region of Ai. After waiting for twenty minutes a great old steam engine came to a halt and Chester and Max the dragon boarded the wonderful old locomotive. Chester was even amazed, and thought that this train almost seemed magical. With the loud whistle of the train tooting steam filled the platform area then with a lurching jolt and a hiss Chester the cat and Max the dragon headed along the train tracks to find Harold the turtle.

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