Saturday, June 11, 2005


His name was Frank. Frank loved to cross the street. He did so quite often, and to the contrary of popular speculation, Frank was not a chicken.

There, that's my story for today. Now onto other stuff, such as Danboru the lovable Blue Saphire Japanese Hampster.

Danboru aka Dan-chan

Here is Sayaka's pet hampster. I picked him out specifically because he was "SUPER GENKI!!!" When we found him at the pet store he was the only one of about forty some hampsters which was hanging upside down from the top of his cage. Right then and there I knew he was the hampster for us! Danboru in Japanese means cardboard. I named him (it fits his off-beat personallity and unique ability to defy gravity). Dan-chan (a cute nickname) likes to run around in his excersize ball all day. He used to crash and clang into walls, but now he's quite good as dodging chairs, feet, and many other obstacles as he zooms in and out of the hall and doorway entrances. He can even to figure eights, but don't dare let him out of the ball because he heads straight for the home entertainment shelf where he can comfortably wedge himself behind. He knows it's too heavy for us to move, so he always escapes to the same place. We just have to wait him out and snare him when he peaks around the corner to see if the coast is clear. He's a crafty little fur ball.


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