Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Where the Wild Things Grow


As we journeyed home from the park I stumbled upon some beautiful wild flowers growing on the side of an irrigation ditch. The sky was overcast with dreary grey clouds when suddenly brilliant colors caught my eye. With the drab colorless cloud cover glooming up the day these flowers seemed to be generating their own light.

Sayaka looks pretty as a flower

Sayaka stopped to smell the pretty flowers too. Doesn't she look stunning next to the radiant flower patch? However I must say Sayaka is the most beautiful flower of all.

Oh but wait!

I want to play
"S"'s day isn't done yet! How could we possibly forget about "S"? This is his day in the sun.

Bardging into see why we had to stop the playing just to smell some stupid flowers, "S" made it perfectly clear that he wanted more play! After peeing on the flowers "S" headed down the path to find new exciting adventures and smells. Most importantly the smells.

Until next time!

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