Monday, June 06, 2005

Walking the Super Pooper "S"

An evening ago Sayaka and I took "S" for a walk. "S" is a super giant golden retriever (and yes "S" is his real name) crammed into a closed off Japanese car park area. Getting out for an evening stroll is his biggest joy in life. It's funny to see his reaction when Sayaka and I saunter up together. Traditionally, when either of us approach him individually we get a lovig mal over, however, if we appear together the poor thing goes intantly nuts with joyous hyperactivity. He jumps, cries, spins in cirlces, vibrates backwards, rolls over, sits, stands, barks, wines, crashes into the wall, and much more. His big puppy dog face glows with furry love and his 2 inch thick rope (diameter) can barely hold him as he barrels off toward the park, 6 blocks away.


He's like a freight truck. This is a 125 pound golden retriever on a mission folks, and when I say mission, I mean escape to freedom. I don't mean your typical doggy likes to jump the fence freedom here, what I mean is true freedom, as in a lifetime of cramped Japanese living -a small car park, locked in a closet, stunted growth, Mary mother of Jesus the Angels are singing kind of freedom. And when "S" hauls he really hauls. Two people can barely hold him back as he weezes from the force of the restraint his collar gives. However, the brief hour of walking seems like "S"'s only goal in life, as staying at home all day in cramped confines is like a prison term. You can really see it on his face too, especially each and every time we arrive at the park, in which "S" instantly hones in on the small pond and jumps into it. Once in the water he lays down and lets his entire body sink slowly down, his face looks like a thousand sighs of relief. He floats a little and drinks the water then bounds out and shakes and shimmers dry. This is "S"'s freedom, it is this doggies happy place. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could stop him from getting there once that porch gate opens. The soles of my shoes can affirm that much, as every night I skid along at a brisk pace, skiing uncontrollably along over all forms of terrain be it contrete or gravel, behind the forward Ho! "S" until he finds his happy spot in the park.

"S" took 6 giant poops on the way there. I think this was a record for the mut, god bless his soul. Sayaka filled an entire plastic grocery bag. It was gross. "S" was happy though and much relieved I assume.

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