Saturday, June 11, 2005


20. Robots.

19. The interesting bubble cars that zip around.

18. Japanese fashion sense and style.

17. Japanese cell phone technology (MP3, High-Def TV, Video, Digital Camera phones).

16. Seven Eleven and Lawson sprawl (allowing for easy access to convenient midnight snack attacks!)

15. Multi-cultural curiousity and cultural assimilation by the Japanese.

14. Japanese aesthetis including architecture, landscaping, and over-all artsy visual appeal of the culture and its environment.

13. The practical functionability to the aesthetics, architecture, landscaping, etc.

12. Environmental utilization of space, and the cozy atmosphere of urban areas.

11. Feeling safe and secure even in the biggest metropolitan cities (A no gun culture).

10. The beauty of the surrounding landscapes of nature and the contrast it provides.

9. Quirky Japanese television.

8. AV Idols & Pop music & multi-tallented acting/singing celebrities.

7. Vending Machines (everywhere).

6. Fresh Sushi!

5. The weather which actually has four seasons! (Montana has only two seasons: Winter and Road Construction).

4. The friendliness, courteousness, & polite attention of the Japanese people.

3. Short mini skirts and all the beautiful legs!

2. Manga and the Japanese love of using image as story telling (including the expression of the human imagination).

1. Healthy Japanese cuisine.

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