Thursday, June 23, 2005

Small Island, Small People, Small trees?


On my way to the store I pass somebody's Bonsai tree garden. Little is known about these trees (pun pun!) but we do know they can live to be over 120 or even 200 years old! That's old for something so small. I liked these pics because with the tires and the neighbor's old stinky sneakers you get a good idea of the exact petite size of these stout foresty members.

minirature forest

Here is a wider shot to capture the variety of the little green trees. Many non-native speakers make the mistake of calling them "Bonzai" trees. However, in Japanese "Bonzai" is the exlamitory or celebratory remark one makes when somebody shouts from glee. It would be the equivilant to yelling out "Yahoo!" for us English speakers.

Bonsai are hard to trim, since they live so long they grow extremely slowly. The art of bonsai trimming is to make them look beautiful, but one misguided snip may mean the end of pristine beauty in your lifetime of tree grooming, so think it through first! Bonsai trimming is a type of meditation, and it takes lots of practice. Most the trees we buy from stores have been pre-groomed and the odds are the tree will out live us and not need much maintenance in the future.

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