Thursday, June 30, 2005


Poru (Pole)

Poru, otherwise known as "POLE" in English, happens to be my favorite restaraunt in Japan. For anyone familiar with Japanese television, almost every major program has a section about eating or finding places to eat. I must say that I've tried more places than most Japanese ever venture out to find, as being a foreigner, I am spending half my time roaming around sight seeing. Poru just happens to be ten steps from the Kumamoto Gakuen University side gates. If you look up the street you can see into the back window of the International center on campus. Many students have never gone to Poru, which is odd, since it was designed specifically for the students. They serve big heaps f food for under five hundred yen, about four American dollars.

Big scary hungry foreign guy (Argh! Give me your puny Japanese bite sized meal! I will destroy you!)

Gee-whiz, I have a hankering for some Japanese home style cookin', where's about these parts you reckon I could find me some grub?

Oh hey, sorry about that western slang, I come from a real cowboy state, so imagine my suprise that Poru serves real beef in their hamburger curry, and the patty is American size! The food is home cooked and the special recipes of the family which runs the establishment (seen below). I have not found any place I love as much as Poru. The food is mouth waterig good, and even now as I write about it my mouth is drooling all over myself, I can't explain how awesome the food is. You just have to come to Japan and try it!

The friendly establishment owners

A sweet old lady and her daughter run the restaraunt (grandma is standing on a step, she's that tiny!). The pug just happens to be the new gaurdian of the front door. You get a menacing little bark and growl upon entering. Then he follows you to your seat and watches you, sniffs your pants, and once you've been adequately checked out and are safe, he trots back to the door to suprise the next costomer. This pup is under 10 months old, as there was a different dog which had this job last year, bust sadly past away. The new guy sure takes his work serious though, and he insisted on being in the photograph.

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