Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pillow Shot


Taken around 8 pm tonight, I couldn't resist stepping out for a brief moment to snap a shot of tonights beautiful sunset. The one thing about Japanese culture is their love for the "pause" which allows for reflection. If you watch Japanese Anime (animation) or even the live action dramas of Japan there will be opening shots of scenery with no action or voice over. Rodger Ebert has deemed this film technique as the "pillow shot" because more often than not the image focuses on the fluffy clouds hoverying sleepily up in the sky.

The closeness of nature and technology in Japan is almost symbiotic because the point of the matter is they have to work together. With everyone and everything packed so tight it makes the "pillow shot" so much more lovely, and it has one of the greatest effects on audiences and in real life too. Moments of beauty like this can bring tears to a Japanese person's eyes and right then you know the Japanese peoples close kinship with nature. There is never escaping the urban sprawl however, because somewhere in the background is always a train crossing kooing, the buzz of relentless scooter engines which sound like mostiquetos, or the hum of electrical power lines. The "pillow shot" has it's brief potency, and then like the cherry blossoms famous for their short life span, it all fades back into the noise of humanity.

Pink tidal wash

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