Saturday, June 11, 2005

Curry Flavored Ice Cream

You heard right, and yes, I am afraid it is true. In Japan you can find any numerous shops which have their own soft ice cream, and in the summer more so. As the heat picks up so does the number of place which serve sweet refreshments, snow cones, soft ice cream, frozen slush’s and Ices, but the interesting thing about Japan is -you can always get in interesting flavor.

There is even nato ice cream! For those who don't know what nato is, it is a food which consists of fermenting soy beans all gelled together with the sticky guck of their own fermentation. Now you can have it as a favorite ice cream treat! I personally think *yucky ick blah, but some people actually like it. You just may too, if you're brave enough to try it.

Curry ice cream is another bizarre flavor granted to us ice cream fanatics. Talk about confusing the taste buds! Is it spicy hot? Or is it cold? Take another lick and still your senses are tingling from the burning sensation on your cold tongue.

One of the better flavors is macha-green tea ice cream; however, it is an accustomed flavor which I didn't become comfortable with until several months into my first year in Japan. Now I love it, but when I try to get my American family and friends to try some, they make weird faces, and then put it aside. I guess I'm the only adventurous one in my family when it comes to odd flavors of ice cream!

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