Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Sayaka & Aya

Aya is Sayaka's best friend. Basically she is the equivilant to Mike More, my own childhood best friend. Aya is big, funny, large laugh, an even larger smile, and her humor is very quirky. She's not your typical Japanese, and whenever she joins the party she cheers everyone up with her never failing upbeat quality. She brings to the mood and atmosphere a pleasant joyfull ora, and I haven't ever seen her down in the glums. Of course, I've seen her have bad days, but she reacts to the worst by making light of it. She puts people before herself always, and if there is going to be a butt of a joke, she most likely will make herself that butt. She has a wonderful personality and once you get past her intimidating size, then you get past the prejudice of letting your own personal ego put barriers between you and great people. Aya is someone everyone can love.

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