Tuesday, May 10, 2005


A villanelle is a type of Italian poetic form. I fancy myself a professional writer, and whereas some may atribute this comment to egotism, I atribute it to the fact that I get paid for many of my writings. With the exception of this Blog.

Here I would like to share a poem I recently wrote and the review I recieved.

Tristan Vick


Free Up Dream Whispers

Lustful temptation pushing every needle to the line;
She shot a look back at me with those heavy weight brown eyes
Speaking louder than words to stay my ground, don’t cross this line.

She told me, “In this world there are winners and losers,” and to refine,
“Lovers and those wishing to be loved.” I should have caught onto the lies
Disproportionate to her stature, but I was distracted by her figure enticingly fine.

“Don’t tempt the tempter,” she grinned with a crooked sour smile, one of lime
And sugar. She new how to manipulate a man with her Mona Lisa grin, her eyes
Pulled me in, bodily contact was made; she pressed her pelvis into mine

Latching tight a contract was of souls made, neither desired escape, it was real this time.
Tearing apart only meant we would each lose part of ourselves in the other, goodbyes
Need not exist, “Goodbyes,” she said, “If only for every cliché there was a rhyme.”

She spoke riddles like this. She pulled out an ocean blue tinge and re-did her eye-line;
Erotic beautiful locks of brown flowing hair revealing the mystery of her family ties;
A Latin goddess with caramel skin down to the equator of a low riding denim line

“The best way to make your dreams come true,” she hesitated on the last line
And looked at me with a deep serenity, as that smile she barely had seemed to die
Fading away, dreams battled and worn, a cruel history, I pulled her tightly to mine
Chest, her warm breath passing soft lips whispered, “Is to wake up.” A sorrow felt chime.

The review is as follows:

With the playfulness of Kenneth Koch and an eye for popular culture akin to that of Frank O'Hara, Tristan Vick's poetry takes the reader on a whirlwind tour of a mind that loves peanuts, J. Lo, catapillars, life and language in general. His words sizzle and pop off the page, full of that place of wonder where innocence meets experience.
--- Greg Kheeler

Greg Kheeler is a professor at Montana State University and a well known published poet. His review of my work, past and present was quite flattering. I hope to share more of my professional poetry with you all.

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