Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Poetry Hour

As the previous two poems were written within a set form, this poem was not. I wrote this poem in free verse so that I could open up the language and play with the rhythem. You can read it outloud to a rock beat or any pop-musical thumping bass track. It was inspidered by... well, why not just read the poem?

Latin Pop Star Diva Goddess

Bill Cosby is all for J-E-double L-
Oh! Baby ~I'm all for a little J-Lo
Can't find a fined back door than
What Jenny's got. You make all
The Young boys take notice with
Your strategically placed cleavage,
And bits of hot sensual Latin skin;
Damn Girl! You've got it going on.

Making us soar hearted losers resort to
Window-shopping on the back of your
Latest CD cover. Your vicious melodies,
"Same old Jenny from the deet-doo dit"
Like a Siren calling out to her prey, advertising
With what you hang in display, the chart
topping heart stopping music video, slap me
Hot damn! Jen you know you drip with sex appeal!
I should be arrested just for looking.
Who knew window shopping could be so arousing?

Forget JELL-O --I want a taste of you.
Those other chicks just don't get it, "why is she so hot?"
"Not that special," they bark while their guys oogle over you.
Those brown-a-licious luscious eyes which lure~

Seduce! Your hour glass abs which ripple with
Powerful woman's physique, praying mantis
Lady man Killer! Want to marry me? Forget about Ben,
It was just a fling with a touch of Bling Bling.
I wouldn't mind being used an abused by you, baby!

Wallowing in wet fantasies of celebrity romance
Envious of Richard Gere, dear oh dear!
I crave doing the rumba with Jen; but I'll settle for
Her latest DVD and a bowl of vanilla chocolate swirl pudding.


Personal note:
I don't dislike Jennifer Lopez. On the contrary, I believe she is one of the most tallented women today. I do think her acting is better than her singing, but she hasn't tested her full potential as an actress. The negative vibe in this poem is based more on the fact that "displaying skin" is an American fetish which the movie world, music videos, and various media, etc. idolize... this skin fetish gets under my skin (no pun intended). It's a pet peeve of mine, if you will. Not so much because of the sexual conotations, but because of the manipulation people use for "$" gain, and also to force opinion. I have my own mind, thank you very much. I have no ill will toward Jennifer who I admire and is my favorite celebrity. She is also a very beautiful and tallented lady, so I hope I pay homage to her, but at the same time retain my point.

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