Sunday, May 22, 2005

Little White Lies are Healthy!

I think there is definately a difference between egoism and actually deserving something. I make this point, because don't we all deserve to be loved? I suppose the good book is true, treat others how we ourselves wish to be treated, and if we do this lovingly, then we will benefit of love.

This means politely directing annoying people away as to not offend them. And agreeing with them when they ask you if your to busy as you attempt to escape their pressence. Or not screaming and running off spastically shouting profanities when your cousins newborn child looks like a frankenbaby and she ask you isn't it the most beautiful baby? Which makes me think even though lying is a sin, white lies are perfectly fine by God. In the first place, they help us relate lovingly to each other by not having to be brutaly honest to the point it hurts.

So, all I'm saying is, sometimes we have a right to want a little something. Greed isn't always bad. I want to love and I want love horribly, and I want it all the time. If this makes me a greedy person, then so be it. At least it's in the good kind of way.

Also, white lies serve us the greater purpose of being able to respond to our own imaginations.

The moment we are asked by our wives if they look fat, we automatically respond with, "Never! You look beautiful always!" Even when our wives our inevitably fat, we don't want to lower their self asteem.

Other occassion include ugly people. Often times when they are down and feeling blue, we will cheer them up by lying to them about how beautiful they are, and if they catch our shirade, then we tell them we meant that they were beautiful on the inside.

All of this is to ensure that fat and ugly people don't go insane and kill everyone on the planet.

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