Sunday, May 22, 2005

American Toilet Cluture

People should have equal opportunities, and also men and women should all share equal rights and liberties. What many people do not realize however, is that many people have force the issues of equality from the standpoint that they want -in fact not to be equal, but rather, they want more than what anyone has been affording them. This also means that if it so happens that they gain more than you, thus upsetting the equality, that's fine as long as they are happy.

This isn't always the case, but look at Japanese women and how they have very few equal opportunity chances in the business world. Japanese high end management positions consist of less than 10% female gender, and to get high paying jobs is almost unheard of. This is the year 2005 and a modernized superpower like Japan still struggles with how the Japanese male perceives the female, inevitably causing weird rifts in the social and economic status of equality. History plays a small part, but it is funny how unwilling modern day Japanese lawmakers are when it comes to breaking down social gender roles.

In America, totally the opposite has occurred. Men and women have moved closer to becoming the same thing. Business women who amp up on pills become more alpha-male like to contend in a cut throat capitalistic bid for dominance, while their teenage suns are becoming more metro sexual and wearing fingernail polish, lipstick, and even eye-liner!

The worst thing to ever have happened to America is the inability to update and modernize its notions of political correctness. Not only racially, but also sexually. The gender's are confused, and homosexuals don't know what's going on either. Guys don't know how or when or even where to touch girls anymore and girls can barely tell the difference between desire and assault, flirtation and offensiveness, love and sexual abuse. It would be funnier if this was the same problem for the racial and ethnic issues, but it would be no less awkward.

Women have gained the right to dictate how they should be treated, the way the want to be treated, yet they managed to neglect to tell the male populace how the new set of rules works. And guys today are so afraid of lawsuits that they have become less social and more introverted. Women wonder why finding a man is hard these days? Give me a break.

So now we have more gender crisis in our culture than racial problems. Racial prejudice is a thing of the past; however, social class is becoming the new defining status. The more our capitalistic empire slips toward a social economy, the more we lose our democratic identities. We are gradually becoming less like individuals and more like two classes, a working class and an elite Yertle the Turtle class.

People used to kill each other off for some sneakers, desperately trying to find a way to express themselves (and those were the good old days), but now nobody would even notice. It's sad, but what are we to do?

How we define ourselves in the future will depend upon how we live our lives and the actions we make. Things don't appear to be getting any better. The confusion only seems to be amassing, and everyone else keeps on getting busier and busier. The world has changed drastically in the last 20 years, and the only thing that is for sure is that we're all unsure.

A political and economic war was waged recently on Iraq. Nobody knows if it was wrong or not. Opinions are split, and even the loudest voices can't seem to convince anyone that they have any facts. Terrorism grows with the confusion and enjoys playing with people’s fears as the more unsure we all become.

Relationships are failing by the truck loads. We could fill semi's full of divorced, twice-divorced, remarried, thrice remarried close to failure about to start my fourth husband types, but where would we send them? Moral decency is declining and children seem to be dictating that school is too cruel because the teacher's don't bow to their every whim. We have moronic children teaching our educators how to be obedient dogs, and nobody is getting any smarter. I can guarantee you that. If our kids were smart they wouldn’t take guns to school and emulate their favorite emulations, because we all know it’s all the videogames and movies fault because we don’t spend enough quality time teaching our own children good values and loving them.

Religious nuts are all picking on Christians, and even though there is a history with Christianity, you wonder why the gang bang? Are the ideals of Christianity so radical that we have to get rid of it? Last I checked it's been around before all these winy faces came out crying. Perhaps it's because they all fear it might have some metal to it? That perhaps there's something true there. Then again, you might buy it, you might not. Perhaps you need better marketing to believe in something?

The TV, the radio, the Internet, the billboards, the magazines, even the products we buy has advertising for other products we should buy! Why not just pump the advertising straight into our dreams, our subconscious mind is already drowning in Old Navy ads.

Celebrities are cool one moment, and the next they are the biggest political nincompoops out there.

The president is an old fashioned cowboy in an Armani suit.

Hippies are all fashion police without a cause.

Gangsters, even the hardest core, are all wannabe's listening to Marshal Mathers and his newest pop/rap/edit. M&M sings hate against pop stars when he's the biggest pop star of them all.

Movies make hundreds of millions of dollars in just a matter of hours, and people complain that they don't have enough money for food while filling up their gas guzzling SUV monster trucks and preordering a second helping of movie tickets on their all too expensively priced cell phones.

There's never any family time, so the cellular companies unite to save America's families by offering family calling plans, free conferencing, email, and more phones so we will always stay in touch. Where's the down time?

We're all stretched so thin we're ready to snap like a rubber band wound too tight, but we're sure the cell phone was perfect gift for 13 year old Cindy Whozit, because we want her to be safe at night. But the truth of the matter is, little Cindy uses her minutes by calling up her college aged boyfriend to come over and give her a good f*#k, and her parents at home feel all the better knowing she's a good girl with a cell phone.

How many people actually read books nowadays? And I'm not talking about your latest movie novelization or self help book or trashy novel, but real literature? How many read more than once a year anymore? How many people read a book a week? Yeah, that's what I thought. And while were on the topic of doing nothing and wasting our lives, how about reality television?

What kind of psychological study should be done on the culture which stays inside and watches "reality TV" because living life for real would be too artificial? What strange simulacrum have we entered into when the illusion is more tangible to us than the reality? How come every successful show on television has to spawn four other series of the same kind simultaneously? Where did the imagination and originality go? Where have all the good writers gone? Maybe they're off reading some books, but I doubt it.

More people hang out in Wal*Mart than they do at church on Sundays. More coffee shops consume our souls than we have time for, and what's the scariest occurrence of them all is, the World Wide Web has an infinite amount of blogs available to anyone with an opinion regardless of whether they ever had a point to begin with. Because the truth of the matter is, we're all so gosh darned important that we should read nonsense like this instead of Shakespeare.

If you've read this entire rant thus far, I commend you, but please, for God sake! Go read a book. Or plant a tree. Anything! Just don’t turn on your weekly dose of “Apprentice” or “Survivor.” I beg of you.

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