Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Aishiteru Sayaka Desu

Here is My lovely fiance and I at last years Hanami (flower) festival at Kumamoto Castle, Japan. All the cherry blossoms are in bloom and it smells nice outside. It was a chilly day, but very fun. We picknicked outside the castle with friends and enjoyed a ton of Japanese foods. It was wonderful.


Astrid said...

Oh, I like the pic, very cute, but what does "Aishiteru Sayaka Desu" mean? I guess it isn't your fiance's name, right?

Tristan Vick said...

Aishitery Sayaka desu means "Sayaka is the one I love." My fiances name is Sayaka Miyamoto. She is truly beautiful.

April said...

I had a pen pal 20 years ago named Sayaka Miyamoto. I just cleaned out my attic and found her letters. Do you think your Sayaka is the same as mine? She once lived in Kawamishi - city Hyogo.