Sunday, February 06, 2005

What Osama Might Have Told America: A response

Osama in America

In response to this article at Asia

My Letter to the Editor.

In the Article "What Osama Might have told America" I was horrified by the comments of Osama and what others like him may think about America (i.e. the U.S.A). Not because of the things he is saying, but rather I was shocked at the open acceptance of the rhetoric that Osama's beliefs require one to adhere too which themselves stem from the same problem. My first point being: NOT ALL AMERICANS WATCH TV -Television. I don't even own television, cable, or recieve tv broadcast of any kind, myself. For those who openly condemn America solely on the artistic merit of the media are themselves being duped by the propaganda of a corporate world. Osama and those who believe in like ideologies should be careful in their own folly to believe that all Americans are robots following the beliefs instilled by a corrupt government and immoral media. To make that claim, that those of us are not free because of such, is to also fall victim to the same fate. It seems Osama and others believe our own media’s propaganda and coarse rhetoric more than we Americans do. Shame on them, to then use the same medium to sponsor their cause. A medium in which they say have corrupted us, and I which they define the parameters of freedom. How can they themselves be free, when they also submit to the power of media television when sponsoring their cause? Corruption for them, it would seem, is in the eye of the beholder, and not in the manmade dogmatic principles they so blindly follow. Or rather, power is in the television and those who control it control this power –and so too the world. Why is Osama then any different than corporate America? When can men of the world see that it’s not about conversion, power, who has the most media billing, or who has the sharpest swords and biggest armies? None of this matters when such people have enslaved themselves and their followers by their own impenetrable egos, inflexible lack of tolerance, and no love or compassion for anyone different than themselves which bind them to their own ideological tyranny. A fate far worse than any death, even if sworn on Holy names or Godly crusades, they will forever suffer each and the same fate, and to argue over dogmatic means to any such point of total conversion of one ideal over another is only self destructive. We cannot impose our viewpoints upon anyone else without becoming openly intolerant and prejudice against those beliefs which may differ from our own to the extent of bigotry and hate. I pity these people who, like Osama, do the very exact same thing that the U.S. does to preach its agenda. It appears that everyone is walking in small circles and not making any real ground towards a mutual acceptance. Peace only will come from the purity of love.

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