Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Illegitimate Abortion Theory

My title makes no sense. However, there are those debating the ethics of abortion.

I don't believe any man/woman have a right to kill a baby because they "don't want it" or "aren't prepared" for raising a child. People want babies, people love babies, and lots of people adopt babies.

Rape is the vilest and most disgusting thing on the planet. Those who rape are one step worse than a murderer. How? Well, they take everything away from the individual. Every shred of diginity that person ever clung too, is ripped from them and they are left to wallow in mysery. The agony of being alive only to suffer, not so unlike a waking purgatory, or the punishments dealt to Sisyphus and Tantalus all rolled into one unjust tourment. And so to rape is to take a soul. To rip someone's vitality and innocence from them. To leave them violated and bloodied, dishonored, nothing more than an empty shell of rotting meat, a soul replaced with shame, self hate, and sick corruption forced upon. That's what rape is, dehumanizing. Abortion is not only murder, but it is also the same 'rape' of the soul. Think about that.

So should a woman be allowed to abort a baby from a rape? This is a personal judgment for the woman, a choice left only between her and God. She did not choose to create life, but it happened none the less. This psychological question is the hardest to answer, but to say yes means to make an acceptance to murder. Or does it? This is where pro-life and pro-choice really start to butt heads.

My opinion is that YES, she has the right to abort in extenuating circumstances, such as health risks to the mother or child, and in severe cases such as rape. But for a woman who made the cognitive choice to engage in sexual activity, get herself knocked up a bit (whether or not by purpose, she still chose to engage in the sexual activity of reproduction) and this type of woman automatically FORFITS her right to pro-choice, because she first chose the function and biological act of pro-life.

What choice the woman makes after the fact of her ovaries being seeded, and the biology of reproduction sparks the seed of life, then becomes and ethical descision and debate. As I have stated, choosing the act of sex is choosing the function of creation and reproduction, thus to abort is unethical (regardless of religious afiliation). Yet people don't always judge their needs or desires by moral standards, and as a general census our societies standards occassionally fluxuate between liberal and conservative. Where the person is at the time of the formation of a "moral code" in the social viewpoint of the time may vary, but we all have the inate ability to decipher good and bad. Whether we choose to ignore our conscience is another issue altogether, but this only supports my prior statement of any woman chosing the function of "sex" and reproduction so forfits her right to pro-choice. That if a woman chooses to have sex, she should realize the intent of the reproductive action -pregnancy. To discard the consequences, the life, or any moral reasoning doesn't excuse her actions, and sadly, would make her sound more like a whore than a human being. This ultimately invalidates pro-choice altogether, in the ethical definition of the word. Except in my own personal beliefs that pro-choice means that a woman decides regardless, and that nobody has domain over her body than herself and the glory of God, plays a specific role in traumatic and life threatening instances where abortion may be validated, and then I see it fit that a person should choose a 'moral high-ground' and consoltation of religious, psychological, medical, etc., before conceding to the act of sacrafice.

Abortion is rape of the soul. To treat a newborn, in any stage in development as less than human is to treat it like a piece of meat. Those who support abortion in any form, also support rape. Both are in support of dehumanizing the soul of the individual, all other arguements are not withstanding. However, I'll leave that up to the individual woman to decide, since it's her body and her choice. I only hope she is good in heart, and choses love of life over death.


Sarah said...

I am not condoning the act of abortion. Neither am I refuting it. It, to me, is much too complicated to be put in a box of "right" or "wrong". However as a woman with many experiences concerning this topic I would strongly advise you, and everyone, to discuss the act, not the person. I very personally know a responsible, bright young woman who had to choose and I can tell you that when a woman is told she is pregnant, her world turns upside down. It will completely change the person. Even those who are the very most adamant pro-life women often reconsider when it happens to them. I am not chiding you, I am just suggesting that there would be more understanding (not acceptance necessarily, but UNDERSTANDING) in the world if everyone could take a walk in a young pregnant woman's shoes. Unwanted pregnancies happen to very "normal, moral" people, and the effect is a place like nothing you could ever know.

Tristan Vick said...

Interesting, that the sociopolitical debate is always focussed on the "right" of the woman to control her own body. Interesting in the sense that if women were truly free, they would make the choice themselves, without the aid of the courts, or what the government has to say, or what any pro-choice-life agency decrees. Interesting that many women view pregnancy as a "negative" action, even if they were in a conceptual relationship with another. So many teens "get their world turned upside down" because they aren't smart enough or equiped well enough to deal with their consequences. Interesting, that people think you must walk a mile in someone esles shoes, when it seems to me that they wonder aimlessly without purpose. To walk in their shoes, it would appear to me, to be without any purpose. We all know the cause and effect of rape, and we all know the cause and effect of pregnancy. The simple fact of the matter is, do we support love or hate? And how could you ever kill anything you loved with all of your heart? And if you hate it, better start soul searching.