Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Another poem?

By Tristan Vick
November 2, 2004

What is, is what’s not (Chocolate Banana)

Donkey Kong is a Monkey
A hot dog is not a dog
A corn dog is not a hotdog
Neither is it fully corn
Neo is just an Anagram
Why would a Monkey be called a Donkey?

Waterfalls flow and only rarely fall
A baseball diamond isn’t really a diamond
A Ferris wheel goes around, and is a wheel
But all is fair in love and war
A sandwich doesn’t have any sand in it
Someone said money talks

Once I saw a housefly
But houses can’t fly
And Mrs. Campbell couldn’t catch her running nose
God bless you Mrs. Campbell
Refrigerators are said to run
Yet I’ve never seen one

Fruitloops don’t have any fruit in them
No more so are Cheerios any happier
Occasionally, Shakespeare writes sonnets
Jewel sang my favorite poem
Father’s car eats up his gas
That’s a lot of gas, because father forgot his TUMS

God is good, and Satan is Evil
My cereal floats in my milk
I’m told and know these things
I’ve never really sat on a rainbow
Sometimes I question what’s real
Mostly I just sit back and enjoy life

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