Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Citical Theory (ENG 300) I'm a Cry Baby Question

Dr. Sexson asked us, "What is the text, piece of work, that tugged at your heart strings and made you weep?"

Well, before you all indulge with delight at my more sensitive sensabilities, and mock me like a crazy horde of cry-baby haters, I thought I should share something with you all.

Dr. Sexson made me do it! It's all his fault!

Now that that is out of the way, I feel more enthused to tell you all about my sniffling coughles, and my blinkedy tears. So what exactly is that most wonderous work that was able to bring me to overwhelming emotions of sadness?

Once again, her music haunts my soul. Perhaps it's her soulful voice and mezmorizing melodies, but nothing really matters... her music shakes me, and touches even uplifts my spirit. I guess you could call it a soul tickle, but the beauty of this artificer criples my senses, retarding my reality, and reinventing my notion of what truth and beauty is. Specifically her songs Hands, Absence of Fear, Deep Water, Break Me, Cleveland, Innocence Maintained, and Face of Love are the songs which can get me to drop a tear. Plop plop a rainy mess of manhood I am!

Just your friendly reminder: It's all Dr. Sexson's fault! He made me do it.

As for litterature, what book of words conglomerated into a sadness for me? One text in which brought your's truly to tears would be "Great Expectations", by Charles Dickens. I don't really recall why It sadened me so much. Maybe is was because I related to Pip at the time, a lonely fellow trying to be better than what he came from and kinder too, but all the world seems to go against him and tries to corrupt him. Even Estella was a sad character. She was the percisioned instrument in breaking hearts, and no matter how this innocent boy tried to show his love, she would warp and twist it into sorrow, like an automatic machine. In the end, I knew that they did love each other, but it was a bitter-sweat love, and niether of them could live with the after taste. Really, it was a tragic tale and I couldn't help but pitty these characters.

When it comes to movies, there is one film that touches me beyond all others. I think I may have watched it a sum of 12 times, and considering it is over 3 hours long, that's a lot of wasted hours. But it really puts in perspective the romantism of life, and the importance of simply living, and having had the experience. It always seems to fill me with a curiosity and respect for living and reminds me to take the time and notice the world around me, and learn to love people better. It is the film Meet Joe Black. It takes you on a journey, and follows one man's story, and it ends with a triumphant explosion of emotion and fireworks. Suprisingly the film is about death, but it reminds you of the beauty of life and it leaves you with an impression so powerful, that you gulp back your emotions, not knowing quite why the movie touched you so deeply. But regardless, the emotions overcame me, and I cried... like a big sissy. Yeah, chick flick... boy, what am I... a wuss? Anyway, my roomate says that the video game Final Fantasy VII made him cry. In case you were all curious about that, but probably not. Just thought I'd share.

Braveheart was another film that made me cry. Perseverance in the face of tyranny, someone who stood up for what's right, against all odds. His lasting message... it was a story worth shedding at least one tear for. And don't think me a loser with no life when you find out that I've watched Braveheart entirely through a total of 27 times. Speaking of wasted hours, did I mention I am an avid movie buff and have no life? Anyway, I wore out my initial VHS tape so that the 2 video set was ruined. The first tape snapped, and the second one was so thinly stretched that no amount of cracking could bring back the picture quality. Eventually I re-purchase Braveheart in glorious digital DVD clarity!

"Every man dies, not every man really lives."
--William Wallace

Now you know the rest of the story.


Nikole Didier said...

I totally respect your love of JEWEL. It is refreshing to hear a guy touched by her music--and not Metallica! BTW--very insightful journal entries. They keep me coming back for more!


Tristan Vick said...

Thanks Nicky! Can I call you that? haha, Anyway, I'm glad you enjoy the throughtful journal entries. Although the thoughtful part can be debatable, because sometimes I come back and wonder what the heck I was thinking! Good thing the digital realm is editable! Not to be confused with edible. I feel like Neo from the Matrix sometimes! I can bend and even break the rules in the digital blog. What? Do you think that's air you're breathing? And they always wonder why I'm blue in the face! Bunch of lackies!

Tobbaglobba said...

Came wandering through here, read some stuff and thought to share some stuff =P blogs are jolly good fun =)

Firstly, I don't know who Dr. Sexson is, but I'll just take your word for it. Moving through the post...
On Jewel: Yes, she is quite charming! I never really paid much attention to her, dismissing her as just another teeny-bopper pretty face singer. But a couple years ago I saw her on TV singing 'Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer' acapella with her mother. She earned some respect from me =) For me however, the voice that haunts me is Enya. Even if she sings in Gaelic (which I don't speak at all), the moods she can inspire are awesome (I particularly like Circum Pacifico, among others). And yes, I like Metallica, Disturbd, and the Moody Blues.

If you liked Dickens' Great Expectaions, You are sure to enjoy his 'David Copperfield'. One of my all-time favourite books. I don't know another author who can create such characters as he does.

Meet Joe Black was a good film, although I think I've only seen it twice. But it did make me re-appraise my opinion of Brad Pitt as an actor (I am naturally ready to doubt the talents of anyone deemed as a 'sex symbol'). Braveheart was great, but 'The Patriot' (also Mel Gibson) really gets my waterworks going in at least 3 spots in the film. 2 of my other all time favourite films: Les Miserables, with Liam Neeson, Claire Daines, Geoffrey rush, and Uma Thurman. Very powerful film! And also 'A Beautiful Mind' with Russell Crowe (I also liked him in Gladiator and The Insider).

Well I've wasted enough time in your blog, I'll just be shuffling on now. Keep it up though, its good to see blogs from people who appear to use that thing inside their skulls =P

Mind if I link this? I will in the meantime, unless of course you tell me otherwise =) Cheers!


Tristan Vick said...

Sure, feel free to link away! At the very least it makes me feel famous. All this attention I'm getting in the blog eat blog world! Woo! I'm awesome! Now all I have to do is wait for the dissapointment of reality to set in.