Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Answer to that which Hamlet seeks

"To be, or not to be? That is the question"

Shakespeare's Hamlet, deep philosophizer of life asked this. I have his answer.

After I met my fiance Sayaka, and we had fallen truly, madly, deeply in love... she altered my life forever with just a simple four words. In a romantic embrace she held me tight, and whispered in my ear, "Thank you for being".

It was the most overwhealming experience of love I have ever beheld or recieved. I couldn't have expected the profoundness of what she had just said to touch me so deeply, and knowing that she is Japanese and not classically trained in Shakespear or western litterature of any type, I thought it trully amazing what she uttered. She not only said the most beautiful words I have ever heard, but she answered Hamlet's question to his own personal dilemma. And she did it in a lot less words.

We live for each other, and it is she who completes me. As if we were split down the back, or from the rib, we belong as one. Thank you for "being" then was the answer to the to be or not to be ponderance. I am here for her, and it gives my "being" that much more meaning.

Thank you Sayaka, thank you for such loving words from your tender lips, and thank you for loving me so fully. I will always treasure you for "being" too.


S 'naani' J said...

Cho-chweet - I had such a feeling before but lost it. Hold on to it dude...

Suzi said...

Very Sweet. I once felt like that about someone.